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Jailbreak AMA

Admins and players may ask all jailbreak rule questions here. The questions should be about how a rule would be enforced in a situation, or whether something is allowed or not.

This is not a discussion thread. Any replies to questions made by any player, or admin below lead will be deleted, regardless of the answer being correct or not. Adding nuances to others questions is fine. Excessive ignorance of this rule will result in forum warning/banning.

Before you ask your question, please expand all of the spoilers below and ctrl+f (search) for your question. If you ask a question that has already been answered, your post will be deleted and you may receive a forum warning.

If you would like to know the reason for an answer, or would like to question it further, feel free to create a thread and reference the original question and response.
[Image: giphy.gif][Image: LKC06gu.png]
From Russian on 27-FEB-2017

So I went through and formatted the whole thread up to this post. Feel free to rearrange the questions or categories as you see fit.

Q: Can you knife a baiting CT while AFK frozen?

A: Yes. Attempting to knife a CT who was baiting isn't KoS, as long as you go back to being afk frozen afterwards and don't have to WASD or jump to reach them.

Q: Can I not listen to cts who purposely say my name wrong... as in someone calls me to do an order but doesnt say my name right.

A: If it's obvious who the warden is referring to, then quit being an idiot.

Q: On undertale can we use the wallhack grenade to see through the door in armory and wallbang people? because I don't see it as camping but others do.

A: Unless you're spamming grenades I see no issue.

I get it... You can't camp armory. But if mofos are shooting at me from armory and I position to deal with them I'm responding to rebels not camping. Camping is preemptive.

Q: I need a little refresher, is it implied if warden gives guarnteed lr he must stay with that and give no other ts lr.

A: Yes, generally. Unless warden makes a mistake. (anyone done by 5. Says X has guaranteed LR because he is the only one finished by 5, but Y finished at 5:01 and warden missed it.)

If you have more specific scenarios I can give my specific answers.

Q: If warden says the following "All contraband is KoS, all grenades are KoS" does this include flashes and decoys as being KoS?

A: If the warden specifies grenades, then yes.

Q: okay say if person a is warden and person b is a t
a and b are arguing and i tell them to stop because its delaying the round.
they keep arguing so i slap them.
Is it okay to slay both of them?

A: Sm the t if he's being annoying. Slap -> /rw -> slay the warden/ct if he doesn't stop.

Q: At what point is a CT considered to be playing a game if they continue to fail when pursuing a T into said game. A good example of this would be a CT failing a single stage surf over and over while pursing a T.

A: If they are not able to complete the surf due to lack of skill, then they are pursuing. If they are purposefully failing surf so they can just kick it in there, then they are playing a game.

Q: is a T asking a question the same as a T giving an order? For example if a warden goes "all false orders are KoS" is a T KoS if they say "warden can we shiftwalk follow you?"

A: If the T is asking a legitimate question, it's fine.

If the T does something like: warden did you just say ALL TS BUM RUSH FOLLOW WARDEN? then it's considered loopholing and you can kill them for it.

Q: I'm assuming that given a situation A. Warden has all t's enter death crate, warden dies, some rebel t starts deathcrate. I presume the ts are allowed to move around inside deathcrate to stay alive even though warden died and they need to stay frozen?

A: Yes

Q: If the warden just says "when cell doors open go in the green ring" or "when cells doors open take a step out", is it a freeday because he didnt say freeze or freeroam? For some reason lots of non - admins are saying its not as long as you say freeze after you open cells . Like " oh shit uhh freeze in it too"

A: It's not a freeday since he technically gave orders. Common sense would be that the warden meant to freeze after his order, but "literalness" says you can free-roam as you please.

Q: Is warden allowed to change the prize ONCE PEOPLE HAVE FINISHED?

A: No.

Frostedit: To expand on this, the 'changing prize' rule is meant to protect people from wardens changing prize from something like 'first five live' to 'oh the prize was death'. Warden can take more or fewer Ts to complete a game (within reason, no seeing someone finish and saying 'oh now we're taking two kill the rest'). He can give a time, or say furthest x if we don't have enough finishers, or something like that. And yes, that includes when people have already finished. If someone does something that's obvious favoritism, they should be reported.

Q: If a warden has given his orders before the cells opened, then he gets killed, then the cells opened, technically the T's are supposed to freeze but since they're in cells and no real orders have been given is it a freeday?

A: If warden is killed before cells open, it's a freeday. If warden dies after cells open, Ts should be frozen. Freezing when warden dies doesn't apply if cells are still closed.

Big Wet: a freeday is specifically if cell doors open at a time when there are no valid orders. Wardens valid orders die with him. So if warden says one step out and freeze, and dies, until a first order is given by the new warden it will be a freeday if doors open.

Q: Can CT's go on games for a better vantage point (for example on climb)?
Pt2. What about on jb_tomatoes? It's easier to kill a rebeller on armory if you go on the 2nd step of hard climb.

A: No. CTs may not preemptively position themselves inside of games for vantage points. CTs may progress in a game when there is rebel, or contraband in the game.
Pt2. It's probably easier to climb the ladder attached to armory, but yes you could go up a step or two to kill the rebeller and then you'd have to get down afterward.

Q: 1. Is saying All ts that would like to rebel freeze on this paintball still able to kill the ts for?

2. When rolling for lr does the warden have to classify if it lands on that number its death or lr? or how would that work?

A: 1. If you clearly indicate you can say just about anything sneaky as warden. If you are clearly saying "all rebelling Ts, all Ts that want to be KOS" that's fine. Situations like "go to this paintball and freeze, this and freeze, this and die" are disallowed. If you're paying attention you should be able to easily understand wardens order, or trick. If it's unclear even if you're paying attention it's not allowed.

2. Warden has to be specific with his words and actions.

Q: What happens if a warden starts simon says and adequately gives temp warden to another ct. Are we still playing simon says or is it no longer played since technically a new warden?

A: There is no such thing as temporary warden. There is no such thing as half-warden. If a warden can't give his own orders, he should be /rw'd or slayed.

Q: Can't a CT hypothetically stay in armory until 9:30 and just act afk or act as if he is buying items to contour camping rules? What actions should I take as an admin to avoid this. Do you have to leave armory once you get a gun?

A: A CT can stay in armory till 9:30 regardless. That's not camping.

Q: If the warden says "all t's freeze" after they were following warden, can T's continue to jump which will make them continously move forward until they stop movinh? Does that count as frozen? Because its no WASD movement, they momentum of jumps keeps them moving in the direction they are looking

A: No. You should not be moving in any direction while frozen.

Q: Can Warden allow ct's to throw flashes or smoeks in a game like the arrow game on tomatoes or dcrate?

A: No, only the warden himself may do that and if it results in an accidental MFK, they will be subject to a ct ban.

Q: Do you need perms to be ontop of cells on clouds? (only the front part not the part you can see the back from)

A: No. The only thing you need permissions for is pursuing the secret/vent. If you stand on the back of cells for any length of time, you're camping, so don't do that.

Q: Who should be pursuing in this situation on Clouds.

Cts are in surf portal with 2 ts for lr ( it's 2 for lr ). there are two ts rebelling outside of the portal. Several cts have gone through and died already because the t is camping portal with awp from the diving board (cts don't know he's there obv.)

Cts dont' want to pursue because it's suicide and are saying the t needs to pursue because he isn't "actively rebelling from the diving board. But the t doesn't want to pursue because if he goes in the cts will kill him because they are watching the portal.

TLDR it's suicide to pursue for both parties yet both have to pursue. Pretty rare situation but it could happen on a lot of maps where games are separated by teleporters.

Basically who has to pursue who in this situation?

A: Given that the rebelling Ts have almost every advantage throughout the round, namely choosing when and where confrontations happen, I'm going to go ahead and say that if the T delays long enough that there's enough for LR, it's time for the T to pursue (in this particular situation).

Normally both groups should be pursuing each other, and this can be discussed further (elsewhere) and may change at some point down the line, but for now the Ts should go through the portal, otherwise they are delaying.

or the CT's can just all stay together in safety and pursue together en masse at the round end!

Q: If you pick up a primary and you have Weapon Auto Switch what do cts do. Should there be like a second to put it away

A: Yes. Killing someone as soon as they pick up a contra is nazi (unless they're obviously aiming at cts or something).

Q: Is calling someone KOS considered an actual 'order'? I was told that you cannot call KOS on someone who calls KOS on random Ts 3x in a row.

A: A T calling another T KoS (who is not KoS) can be considered a false order for the purpose of killing them after 3.

A T reminding CTs that someone who was called KoS earlier in the round is still KoS, or that a T is rebelling, should not be used to kill Ts.

ANY order given by a T is a false order. As Frosty said, however, if a T is REMINDING the ct's that someone is KOS, that is NOT an order.

Q: 1st question: If a ct got permission to pursue vents can he pursue a secret that is next to vents or does he need permission for that too? Example: scout secret on Obama

2nd question: If warden says "after every order I give you must freeze afterwards" does that mean if he says "unstack and afk freeze" do the ts afk freeze or just freeze?

3rd question: Can warden use his mute power to mute everyone during a freeday? (Everyone is screaming loudly)

A: 1. That is nowhere near scout secret lol. So the answer is no.

2. That's confusing, but it would mean that they would freeze after briefly afk freezing.

3. Warden has no mute power on freedays.

Q: does stop mean freeze?

A: No.

All Ts stop moving (last order is rushing or playing a game) would be fine

Merely saying stop, or even all Ts stop is not complete.

These are the only related scenarios I've seen:

If it's a situation where Warden has done something like one step out face the back and AFK freeze. Then gave the order shift walk backwards until I say stop in that specific scenario I would consider stop to be equal to AFK freeze. He indicated you would stop the current order implying you resume the last.

If warden is having Ts bumrush follow him and squeaks out stop he can't spray down the people who keep running. If he says freeze he can.

Q: If the warden tells the ts to bumrush follow him can ts take a faster path to him (excluding secrets and things that make you KOS) or do they have to take this exact path?

A: I'd say they have to reasonably follow him. Detouring for a faster means (say peanut cannon when you're running from main cells to climb) is still a detour, and likely passive rebelling.

I'd say my best example for a faster path appearing is when T's have to bumrush follow warden on minecraft. The T's were frozen near the creeper near main cells, the warden was near library stair case. He says bumrush follow warden. Warden takes the stairs and bridge, and heads towards surf. The T's who followed him instantly would have a fastest path that takes the stairs, or jumps the fence quite close to the river. If anyone was typing and took a second or two to start chasing warden their fastest path would ignore the staircase all together.

Q: If the second order is unstack with cell partners and afk freeze, can you go back in cell?

A: Technically yes.

Will I 1up if a CT kills you because you went and hid in your cell? No.

Unstack and X means the SPLIT SECOND you are unstacked you do X. You should never have to go in your cell to complete your order.

I'd give the CT the benefit of the doubt if he interpreted your movement as attempted running / hiding.

Q: Situation x happens:
warden says take a step out (cells get opened) and freeze. His orders are cut. Is it a freeday even though his first order is technically take a step out and it is valid. In the past, it used to be a freeday when warden's mic cut but why should it be if it's valid and in accordance with rules.

A: If cells are opened mid-orders, as you described, it's a freeday. If warden's mic cuts and the order is "take a step out", then cells are opened later (not mid-order), it is not a freeday.

Q: On wardays if somone is outside of cells once its started (in vents/secrets/anywhere in general) can cts kill them?

A: Once Ts are frozen, you should only be killing Ts that are visible from warday area.

Q: Should admins slay all for reverse days on jb_blank?

A: No. There's no reason to slay anyone.

Q: On modern castle if you do a warday and lets say the area is the north wall. Can you sit in either side of the corner towers? just curious because i kinda feel like thats different from the north wall.

A: It depends on what the warden wants, and what the warden specifies. But usually, no.

Q: Warday's in climb. There's a whole area of climb that's not the actual game. Can the ct's play climb with weapons. This seems like loopholing to me, I just say warday's in surf and play surf the whole time with my weapons and when I become last ct I stop.

A: Yes, you can be in climb, so long as you expand at the time warday is meant to expand.

Q: Should you 1 up ts who get killed by a ct camping vents/secret/armory? Aren't they rebelling anyways?

A: If a CT is in armory on avalanche at 9:15 he should've been slain at 9:29 for being in armory. If I'm a rebelling T waiting in vents to drop down and I drop down at 9:15 and a CT is in armory and kills me... do I really deserve to stay dead?

How I think about it is "should/could this CT have been slain before he killed the rebeller" and "can he still rebel?"
If he can't still rebel offer a 1up for rejoining the round or a day next round l.

Q: A T jumped out from a game and didnt get shot, ran back to stack. I said so and so is KOS. Warden says no. Does he have to pardon the T or is the no sufficient? I killed the t

A: To me this sounds like passive rebelling. You can't call KOS for passive rebelling unless you're warden. Based on the details provided it seems like he's denying you killing a passive rebeller which puts you in the wrong.

Q: Should ct's kill t's who open cells and make it a freeday?

A: They can if they'd like to, yes. That T is KoS for the rest of the round.

Q: Warden has one t non-rebelling. Warden gives that one non-rebelling "guaranteed" lr. Then says "Do any other t's want a pardon" when he gives up on looking. A T responds saying yes to the pardon and so on. Is he allowed to accept that t after giving the other t guaranteed lr?

A: No. Ideally stop warden from doing this. If the player guaranteed LR is fine with losing his guarantee then it's fine.

If the improperly pardoned T comes back don't KOS him. I'd recommend trying to find a solution with giving someone a !freeday next round.

Q: When a T is 1uped can they kill a CT? I understand that it is not bait and the T should be killed, but I have started to hear that it is not allowed and the CT could be 1uped by an admin. In my mind it's just a dick move.

A: If they're 1upped away from the round (which should almost never happen, but it took a couple minutes to get facts straight or whatever, just utilize the !freeday command next round.

If you do 1up them and they are returning to stack they are expected to regroup without detour or delay. They are a rebel if they detour, delay, or damage, or attempt to damage a CT.

They should only be slain if they are 1upped away from the round and just run away*. They should not be slain for damaging a CT.

*rarely you will 1up a rebel.  they can continue rebelling as they please. the only situation I have off the top of my head is when a CT is armory camping, or vent camping.

Q: Can I shoot a vent to kill a to T on the other side of it? Not destroy it but just hurt it, I remember this being allowed before, but I just want some clarification. Thanks.

A: CTs may not break or damage vents. This rule is negated during LR or Last CT.

Q: Can you only pursue vents through armory if you see a T within the first 30 seconds go from the armory to vents or is it in anytime during the round?

A: Pursue through armory vents if Ts are leaving armory through vents. Don't pursue armory vents to cut off Ts at the pass.

Q: Can CTs shoot Ts for being on secret ledges before cells open because they're in the process of doing a secret? (example mc beta)

A: Not if they're just standing on the ledge, but if they jump into the secret and accidentally fall back down, by all means kill them.

Q: Idk if this has been covered, but if a t in vents is pardoned, are they allowed to break another vent to get out? or can i kill them for breaking vents

A: This is a grey area. Good question. I would say no, do not kill the pardoned player who is coming back for breaking a vent to get out. If they're going by a vent and knife it you may kill them.

Q: Can cts expand through vents on a warday??

A: Yes, if vents are broken. It's a war day and the ct's are already at a disadvantage because of the "you must expand," rule.

Q: On a map like Obama,  if a CT pursues vents but cant get out cause they killed the rebellers , can they pop a vent to leave?

A: Yeah if you cannot leave a vent, breaking a vent is always allowed.

Q: What just happened is on Overcore it is IMPOSSIBLE to see a T go in the Vent. A player pursued with reason " I saw him go in"
I then slayed the player and he was respawned by russian. Russian then said that even though he didnt physically see me go in it was "100% obvious" that i went in the vents. in the rules it states that a CT must physically see the player go in to pursue them. So I believe that even though its logical that I went in, He still has to see me go in to pursue. Its whats in the rules and unless its changed I think that they HAVE to SEE the player go IN the vents. Also I wanted to point out that if a T in vents cell broke vents and then shut down csgo, They dissapear without a death sign or anything saying they left the server.

A: If a T goes into vent cell and isn't in the cell when the CT pursues, it's perfectly acceptable for the CT to pursue vents (within a reasonable timeframe, of course).

So just for clarification, this is only true when they see the T enter somewhere with no way out right? Basically I take that rule as "if the T couldn't go anywhere else, you can pursue the vent without asking warden".

For example - A T goes into a vent cell and a CT saw it. The CT can pursue the vent because there was nowhere else the T could have gone.

on the other hand - A T goes into a vent in a hallway. The pursing CT didn't see the T go into the hallway vent. In this case the CT would need permission from the warden to pursue the vent as the T could have simply continued down the hallway.

Obviously this doesn't take into account things like round start (CT's have to see the vent being broken to shoot/pursue T's), but in general it holds up for any time after that in the round.

(as with all examples, this is very general and there are exceptions)

Q: Can you pursue vents through armory in jb_minecraft?
Can warden call a warday and CTs pursue armory and vents for rebellers and kill them?

A: No. You can't kill anyone inside secrets during a wardays freeze.

No. You shouldn't be going into armory to pursue vents. If you're in armory before 9:30 and see a T in vents you can pursue unless warden disallows you.

Q: Frost on explaining Jb_Minecraft_beta vents.

A: You can enter the vents if you see someone's name in them, yes.

If you shoot into the vent and kill the person, then you cannot enter the vent, as the only T you've seen in there is dead.

You should also inform your teammates that you're entering the vent, so you don't have too many people pursuing.

Q: Shouldn't CTs only be the ones pursuing vents? Warden should be with the non-rebeling prisoners progressing the round at all times right?

A: In 99% of situations, yes. However, if the t's are down to the amount for LR, warden can trap the t's in an area like deathcrate or something to go help the ct's find rebellers.

Q: Once a CT has finished checking vents, on the way back do they have to take the closest open exit?

IE: Vent A-------B-------C

If the CT goes in A and checks to C (and it's closed), do they have to leave through B (an open vent) or can they go back to A and exit closer to where the warden is?

A: Not leaving at B would be vent camping. Obvious intent is to stay in vents as long as possible. You pursue rebellers, you kill them, you leave vent. Vents clear? Leave it asap.

Q: If you're playing FRLR, Ts are afk frozen, and you say "first reaction jump" does that mean you kill everyone who jumps, or just the first one?

A: Only the first

Q: This may have been addressed before (sorry if it has) but can the warden make the Ts continuously do a game until a certain time? Example: Keep doing long drop until 7, taking any survivors.

A: Yes, it's just stupid. If he's doing it in a manner to disrupt the flow of the round, then admins should warn and punish accordingly.

Q: If a warden plays FRLR twice, then after that he says "Last one to get to this paintball loses", does that count as loopholing to play a game?

A: Yes. Warden should be punished accordingly.

Q: Can we clarify fish in a barrel? Ex. Would throwing nades into a room of t's with medic beds be okay?

A: That is basically the definition of fish in a barrel. If you trap T's in a room and then "randomly" damage them, it is considered fish in a barrel.

If it's built into the map it can be played indefinitely.

Q: I'm confused as to if Simon says has to only do with orders directing the ts
For example, do you need to say simon says all t's are now known as cows

A: Yes. If you are Simon, Simon must rename the Ts.

Frankly I've been considering banning doing these two things at the same time. The Ts keep better track of it than warden does and I see people freekilled from it, or rounds just delayed while warden flips that no Ts are listening (because he forgot to say Simon says!!), and further delayed when he cancels Simon says and nobody follows the new order (you still renamed them dingus!)

I've actually seen that exact scenario twice this week from two different wardens.

Q: If your playing FRLR and warden says "first reaction jump" and two of the ts jump at the same time do cts kill both of them?

A: No. If you're not able to determine exactly who jumped first, then that round of FRLR was wasted.

Q: What are we suppose to do on minecraft beta surf to regulate the ts... can cts go on different levels although it is considered playing games or no?

A: CTs going forward to wait for Ts is fine. CTs pursuing Ts is fine. If a CT is obviously playing surf then no.

Bw note: if the CT can't easily complete surf, slay them. It can be beat with a negev out. It's a  .5 tier surf. If they want in getting out should be expedient.

Q: Warden wants Ts to enter jumprope. A T asks what way it spins, as there's no apparent indicator. Can the warden kill the T for not going into jumprope?

A: The T can be killed for not entering jumprope. If the CT starts jumprope without telling them which direction it spins (and it's not apparent), then punish accordingly.

Q: If a warden is playing simon says does he need to say bumrush follow warden? or simon?

A: Simon, or he can say, "Simon says bumrush follow warden." Since warden is simultaneously warden and simon, but simon gives the directive.

Simon is the warden and warden is Simon. When Simon is Simon only Simon can give orders, but Simon is still warden.

Meaning "Simon says bumrush follow warden" is interchangeable with "Simon says bumrush follow Simon."

Q: If the T's are playing a game and the warden accepts a certain amount of finishers, if a T rebels and kills a CT with a contraband then finishes, does he count as a finisher?

A: If a T rebels in a game, kills a ct, and then completes the game he isn't auto-pardoned because damaging/killing CTs is actively rebelling not passively. Warden can still pardon any T that has actively rebelled.

[Image: giphy.gif][Image: LKC06gu.png]
If a T is delaying while playing a game and the warden hasn't given a time to complete by or said you have to be actively participating, is it warden kills only (unless stated otherwise) or can other CT's kill for delaying?
No T inside of a game should be killed. Walking around on the floor of climb instead of trying to do climb isn't really being 'inside' the game.
[Image: gE35etN.gif]
Maybe I'm wrong here, but do the new pardon rules not make pardons essentially impossible to get since we can't ask for them?

EDIT : Russian has cleared this up for me, however some others may not know still.
[Image: tumblr_ouwd3rVvmL1twgfw0o1_r1_500.gif]
(03-02-2017, 05:13 PM)Chrono Wrote: Maybe I'm wrong here, but do the new pardon rules not make pardons essentially impossible to get since we can't ask for them?

EDIT : Russian has cleared this up for me, however some others may not know still.

Without the rule 'Asking for a pardon makes you KOS unless warden pardons you' players could ask for pardon while they weren't rebelling and waste time. There are a couple other fringe reasons. If you haven't noticed people are asking for significantly less pardons, and spamming it less. This allows the real rebels  to have their call for pardon ring more true.
[Image: gE35etN.gif]
Q: Should ct's kill t's who open cells and make it a freeday?

A: They can if they'd like to, yes. That T is KoS for the rest of the round.

I agree with this and have been doing this since the rule of T's being KoS out of cells but recently a certain level 4 (Big Wet) said that it isn't KoS. So can we just clarify this?
The ama is correct.
[Image: gE35etN.gif]
on maps such as jb_hype_a2, are intended secrets allowed to be KOS
ie; sniper escape (duckhunt) skip
(03-04-2017, 01:38 AM)Tickle Wrote: on maps such as jb_hype_a2, are intended secrets allowed to be KOS
ie; sniper escape (duckhunt) skip

Well it's a secret teleport so if they see you take it yeah.
[Image: gE35etN.gif]

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