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Soon to come changes

Near the end of this year or early next year there are going to be some major changes. Every change I list in this post is happening due to Swoobles basically clinging on for its life right now. Player count is low, the infrastructure is entirely too expensive for the donations received, and quite honestly Swoobles takes up almost all of my free time for little to no gain in return. When the community was thriving and full of life it was great, but the last year or so it has been extremely slow and aggravating. If you don't like the following changes then it's sort of tough luck because at this point it's I either make the changes or kill off Swoobles, and I more than anyone don't want to see Swoobles die.

Change #1
The in-game store is going to be removed. Removing the store means the point system will be removed as well. A lot of people will probably be very upset about this, especially the people with season rewards. However, having the store is actually one of the many key factors of why we have so few players these days. There are countless number of players that initially connect to the servers yet never stick around to let the store files finish downloading. Not only will removing the store help improve player count but it will also help server and client performance. Keep reading to see what your current points and item's worth will be used for.

Change #2
The way the donation system works is going to be changed entirely. There will be a donation bar for every server and each month will fill up from 0-100% as people donate towards that server. This way we can see which servers have a dedicated player base and are willing to contribute towards its success. The new donation perks will be (for CS:GO at least) player models, colored chat, and a custom title. You won't need to buy those perks with points, you will simply have access to all of them. The custom title can be changed on the fly via the website and will be set to your in-game title as well as your forum title.

When implemented, for every dollar you donate you will get a coin and will be asked which server(s) you want the donation to go towards. After you get the coins you can spend the coins to activate different levels of donator. If you spend 10 coins you will get access to donator for a single server of your choice for a month. If you spend 25 coins you will get access to donator globally across all servers for a month. If you get the 10 coin package then decide you want the 25 coin package you will have 3 days to upgrade for an additional 15 coins, after 3 days you will have to upgrade for the entire 25 (this is to prevent exploiting the system). You will also be able to trade your coins across forum accounts.

To benefit previous donators and people with a lot of points, all of your current points including your item's worth will be converted into coins. For every 2k worth in points will equal 1 coin. Also, after implemented for every 10 hours you play you will get a coin.

Change #3
Seasons are being removed. Seasons caused a lot of extra backend work and a lot of extra time for me near the end of each season. The only benefit of having seasons were for the seasonal store prizes and comparing ranks within those seasons. Ranks will still exist but will be ranked from the start of what is now season 1.

Change #4
The servers are going to move to Chicago. It's sort of scary thinking about moving the servers again since the last move went so well, right? This time I'm not buying my own equipment and I'm also going with a really well known host so things should go pretty smooth. Swoobles simply can't survive and grow in Quebec, it's an absolutely horrible location for us and another major factor for lack of players. The servers moving might be a little bit after the other changes since it requires a bit of money saving.

Change #5
We are going to have a new website. I've been slowly but surely working on and off the new website since April. The current website drives me crazy and I hate looking at it. A new site has never been a huge priority but I will probably release it before it's finished since the new donation system uses it.

Anyway, for anyone that is upset by these changes you need to know Swoobles has to head this direction or it won't survive. I wanted to give a fairly large heads up especially towards the current donators incase they want to stop donating since I understand some of these changes are pretty drastic. On the other hand any donations are always greatly appreciated. Like I've said many times in the past.. Swoobles is my baby and I'm not going to let it die even if it means changing some of the oldest and largest parts of it until it works. Sorry to anyone these changes will negatively effect!

To a new and brighter future!

Also, what about hlstats to replace the seasons!
[Image: giphy.gif]
rip my ping, but honestly reasonable changes
[Image: hVGVLRm.png]
(10-23-2016, 08:27 PM)hype Wrote: To a new and brighter future!

Also, what about hlstats to replace the seasons!

Pretty much won't be viable due to the nature of the servers. Most of our servers can't really have players get ranked based on K:D.
change is good.

Wow HL great moves, keep it up.
[Image: tumblr_oskop5Mb8y1r63q61o3_r1_540.gif]
Thanks for all the work you do hl. We all appreciate it and I'm sure everyone will adapt to the changes.
These seem like great changes, can't wait for this new website. Thanks for doing all this hl.

cant wait m8y

where was the server before? My ping was fairly good before idk how good it will be in chicago

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