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[POSTED 2016-09-15] +jumps admin application

Thumbs Down 
Steam Name: +jump

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:173629410

Current global rank and hours this season: 71 hours/ Global rank 159

Age: 18

Time zone: Eastern Standard Time

Server(s) you most play on: Bhop,jailbreak

Why you deserve to be an admin: First off my original account was wi9c. You may remember me from only playing on the bhop or minigames server. The reason i am on this account is because i have been Vac Banned from Wi9c. I have learned from my mistakes as a player on this server and have been more mature. When ever i am in the bhop server and someone asks "How do i bhop?" i will always help them or if they need help betting a stage i will walk them through it. And i will also tell people what they are doing wrong in regard to the rules. Lasty i would like to just ensure that all servers are being played the correct way in the best manner.
Have you been server banned before (do not lie): Never been server banned but have been VAC

Have you been admin before (if so, why was it removed?): Never been admin

Link to previous application(s) (all of them!):

Have you read and understood the rules? Yes i have read and understood all of the rules.

*DISCLAIMER* Have been Vac Banned with old account -
[Image: EmTbmQo.gif]
[Image: 8468e263f4a266c46b9c6e1439bf79e5.png]
-1 No. Never. You're such cancer on the servers. You harass admins, encourage rulebreaking and shit on others all goddamn day. You're such a negative influence on the server, not to mention you're still scripting on this account, on swoobles, on a regular basis. The day you get admin is the day I resign from swoobles.
-.5 /r/burden no thx
-0.5 you're a burden to admins as frosty said. Also, you always seem to be yelling into your mic? (not sure if your mic is too loud of you're just yelling) but you should probably unbind your mic for a bit. you're quite cancer and add to the chaos of the already chaotic jailbreak.
[Image: AntiqueIndelibleAchillestang-size_restricted.gif]

Definitely not admin material, you are the biggest burden and always taunt admins. I'm pretty sure you have binds that are made specifically to harass people. You need to get rid of binds and unbind your mic key if you want admin, but I'm pretty sure you don't and this admin app was just a joke.

I only know him from bhop, where he isn't so bad (perhaps because there are practically no rules to break).  Occasionally you were bordering on rude and disruptive, but I haven't seen that recently.  Based on what other people are saying, I will give a suggestion.  Remember in the servers, (and in life) don't conduct yourself as if you have something to prove.  If you take offence from that suggestion, you are already off to a bad start.

Again, I don't really see anything bad from you these days, but it seems that your previous bad behaviours maybe are still being continued on other servers.
-0.5. Whenever I ask a simple question because I dont know something you shun me or shit talk me. You disrespect many other players which is why we !sm/!sg you. Stop being a douche.
-.5 as soon as i get on jb i see him vent camping, when i tell him to stop vent camping he just says "your welcome"
-.5 Very disrespectful, annoying, would not be a decent admin.
Neutral I don't play other servers only bhop so i never seen him be a cancer. I can only speak for what I have seen on bhop. As Win9 I seen some music mic spam but other than that he's bin a decent player. As +jump he has helped others struggling on maps, talks to others and bhops, that's it. I don't see the toxic player everyone speaks of or I wouldn't want anything todo with him. Maybe he's different on bhop or around me I don't know.

I'm sorry to see you're app go this way +jump. To all that did vote, please keep an eye on him for changes. I think he really wants to change his image and may have matured a bit.
Too much is too much, and that's too much.

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