CS:GO Competitive Tournament


Captain's Database: https://swoobles.com/player-database/278371-win4life

Player 2:Geo
Geo's Database: https://swoobles.com/player-database/215539-geo

Player 3:Smark
Smark's Database: https://swoobles.com/player-database/211929-smark

Player 4:Allahu Ghadakbar (or Boop)
Boop's Database: https://swoobles.com/player-database/139338-boop

Player 5:gN|sneezing panda
gN|sneezing panda's: https://swoobles.com/player-database/1209...good-vibes
Steam name: ♕ Bigtrouble2k ツ
Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/289250-bigtrouble
Comp rank: MGE
Team name: Swbs!mystery incorporated

Captain name: SCOOBY-DOO
Captain’s Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/40785-scooby-doo

Player 2 name: Kritical
Player 2 Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/66975-kritical

Player 3 name: Trippin
Player 3 Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/336886-trippin

Player 4 name: Kane
Player 4 Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/42174-kane

Player 5 name: Byeano
Player 5 Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/189402-byeano
Team name: Kool Kids Klub

Captain name: Melody (Wolfie)
Captain’s Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/114211-wolfie

Player 2 name: Energy
Player 2 Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/11949-energy

Player 3 name: CyberX (Krampus)
Player 3 Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/18729-superswagme

Player 4 name: DominatorL33T
Player 4 Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/1119...-club-baby

Player 5 name: Logic
Player 5 Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/177217-logic

three of us were originally apart of RaiD's team 'Inactivist', but we're creating a new team due to a few complications, hopefully it isn't too late.
The bracket has been updated to include all eligible teams.

RaiD - a few of your players dropped out. I will give you until March 6th to find new players.

Solo teams - please come to me with a team captain and team name by March 8th. You may also want to look over and get to know the players on your team.

The official solo teams can be viewed here.
The match dates will be released shortly.
Thank you everyone for supporting this tournament!
Sorry for last minute team
Name: Kappa
Captain: Batman - https://swoobles.com/player-database/140024-batman
ATLien - https://swoobles.com/player-database/112118-atlien
D4wGhosty - https://swoobles.com/player-database/127848-d4wghosty
GMayhem - https://swoobles.com/player-database/207...pin_granny
ByYte - https://swoobles.com/player-database/202...chotic_cat
I say 3 games a day. That's at max 3 hours lol. on a weekend.
Do it next week too. Really shitty preparation date imo
There is honestly no need to rush this tournament thing, imo. Unless hlstriker has reason to bump it up. I say we discuss with the team captains a good weekend and time for this. A few people (including myself) are in far away time zones. Also, a few people (including myself again) have other things in our life that take up some time. I understand that we have subs sitting by, but we should still discuss with the captains what would work best.
[Image: D0tBlu4.jpg]
There's no reason to rush it but it's gonna last like 15 weeks at this rate lol 2 games a week and about 33 games... I don't think that a quarter of a year is gonna be the best time frame for this tournament
1. This date is way too short notice.
2. This tourney is going to take like 4 months which,honestly, is way too long seeing as how this could be finished in a long weekend or 2. So if we are gonna have a 6 month tourney, no need for such soon match dates.

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