CS:GO Competitive Tournament

Steam name: KennyS
Swoobles database page:Steam name: https://swoobles.com/player-database/82623-luepac

Competitive rank: Master Guardian Elite
Name: Allahu Ghadakbar (or Boop)
Database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/139338-boop
Steam Name : Shiba Inu
Competitive Rank : Gold Nova 3 (GN3) (use to be DMG)
Steam name: cruse^
Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/290876-cruse
Competitive rank: Distinguished Master Guardian (DMG)
Steam name: fresh9884
Swoobles database page: Link
Competitive rank: Master Guardian Elite
***Please understand that by entering solo, you may end up as a substitute or not play at all!***
Steam Name: haywyrE
Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/228...pt.grandpa
Competitive Rank: MGE, don't play MM often though, I play ESEA
I may have a team later.
player database: STEAM_0:0:83098224

player name: Microsoft Pudding
Team Name: EvoluTion

Captain: BlueWolf
Captain's database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/268507-bluewolf

Player 2: Ports
Player 2 database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/266587-ports

Player 3: Forever
Player 3 database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/219682-forever

Player 4: Bloo
Player 4 database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/277565-bloo

Player 5: Santa
Player 5 database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/204...tathecreep
Player Name: Fore/Mr.Fore
Player Database: https://swoobles.com/player-database/300843-fore

Steam name: Gymassassin
Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/forums/user-3388.html
Competitive rank: It was supreme, ugh, I'm lonely

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