CS:GO Competitive Tournament

Steam Name: gN|sneezing panda
Swoobles DB page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/120...good-vibes
[Image: lZ835o3.png]
Steam name: ma (Smark)
Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/211929-smark
Competitive rank: MG2 (dont really play mm)
steam name: FIST ME DADDY
Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/232...t-me-daddy
Team name: MIAQ
Captain name: Bull3t #SWAGGER
Captain’s Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/220...3t-swagger
Player 2 name: Jacobi
Player 2 Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/180464-jacobi
Player 3 name: Greybird34
Player 3 Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/345276-greybird34
Player 4 name: Mathis
Player 4 Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/279624-mathis
Player 5 name: ۞#VioletBanana
Player 5 Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/566...oletbanana
Steam name:™ (Light)

Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/forums/user-4323.html
Team name: The Fucking Burdens
Captain name: Flow™
Captain’s Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/454409-flow
Player 2 name: VoluptuousToaster
Player 2 Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/241...oustoaster
Player 3 name: Aiser
Player 3 Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/18504-aiser
Player 4 name: >FoX<
Player 4 Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/149709-fox
Player 5 name: BlurryFace
Player 5 Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/182371-smoke
Substitute name: Flex
Substitute Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/80950-flex
All solo entries must be submitted on this thread by March 1st to allow time for the planning of these teams. The deadline for premade teams remains March 5th.
Steam name: MineralMining
Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/360739-mineral
Competitive rank: Nova master
(Nickname on steam is Mineral)
Team name: Small Dry's Scripting Band Wagon
Captain name: I Love Chickens
Captain’s Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/297...e-chickens
Player 2 name: Yota_Ninja
Player 2 Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/75390-yota_ninja
Player 3 name: Vac Ban
Player 3 Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/382239-vacban
Player 4 name: Grape
Player 4 Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/318204-grape
Player 5 name: H8cod
Player 5 Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/351010-h8cod

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