Swoobles! Social Media

I want to link the Swoobles! Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube pages here for easy reference. They are not very active currently, but at least you will all have access to them.

[Image: q5rN7zj.png] [Image: 2ZcXSuN.png] [Image: ZIgKq5c.png]

Please feel free to Like and Subscribe to these channels. As Swoobles grows, these channels will become more and more useful to the community.

Thank you.
[Image: D0tBlu4.jpg]
if u give me access to the facebook or something i could be somewhat active
having some admins moderating those would be cool
I mentioned to hl that I would be willing to help manage the social media, let me know if there's anything I can do...
So are we going to make a post about signing up for swoobles social media or naw

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