Ultimate Jailbreak - Mod Changelog

  • Disabled the default vent hit sounds.
  • LR Rebel Drug Dealer: Can no longer drop/pickup weapons.
  • LR Rebel Wild Cowboy: Can no longer drop/pickup weapons.
  • LR Rebel Machine Gunner: Prisoner now starts with 175 HP plus an additional 25 HP per guard alive.
  • Added a countdown before receiving weapons for all LR weapon battles.
  • Fixed a bug during days that would strip all guards weapons if another guard respawned during the middle of the round.
  • Players will now get their knives back during freezetag if they get stripped by the map.
  • Buffed the wardens minimum speak time from 5 seconds to 9 seconds.
  • Blocked guards from being able to use the freekill command.
  • Fixed the P2000 turning into the USP-S.
  • Added the ability to choose the revolver during weapon selection.
  • When choosing the knife from the weapon selection menu it will now be random on which teams knife you get.
  • func_breakables (includes vents) will no longer play damage sounds for the guards aside from the final breaking sound.
  • Added a new LR rebel option called "Sniper". The rebel gets a Knife, AWP, and 125 HP.
  • Reworked how weapons are given/stripped/restored to players to prevent a bug that locked the server up.
  • Added a rocket launcher warday.
  • Fixed a bug where default weapons would drop to the ground instead of being removed when a player spawned during a day.
  • Fixed a bug where guards would be equipped with their default weapons when spawning during a warday.
  • Prisoners will now be properly stripped of their weapons when spawning during a warday.
  • Warday RPG changes:
    • Airshots are now 1 hit kills.
    • Increased maximum possible damage from 15 to 30.
    • Guard's damage now gets increased by 50% of the base damage.
    • Fixed rocket damage not resetting the last guard's slap counter.
    • Fixed players not getting their RPG when spawning late.
    • Rocket launchers are now stripped when the day ends.
  • Fixed players getting muted before there are any guards.
  • Players should now properly get muted when they aren't alive.
  • Zombie warday messages now appear in chat instead of the center.
  • Disabled infinite ammo for tasers.
  • Level 3+ will no longer get muted by the warden.
  • Removed radar and added temporary invincibility to rebel last requests.
  • Fixed a bug where freeday prisoners could freeze guards on freezetag warday.
  • Disabled taser for weapon select warday.
  • Auto-respawn will now automatically stop after 60 seconds.

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