Ultimate Jailbreak - Mod Changelog

  • CT Banning a Terrorist will no longer kill them.
  • Fixed a phrase bug when no target was found using sm_abortlr.
  • Fixed a bug with Race LR that allowed you to reset the slay timer by jumping or ducking.
  • Fixed the sm_abortlr and sm_speed plugin to allow magic targets.
  • Fixed the wardens laser pointer from coming out of his feet when his knife is deployed.
  • Added "Mute Power" indicator for warden.
  • Fixed a bug where you wouldn't properly get armor/helmet back after LR ends.
  • When players spawn they now get armor/helmet for maps that strip it.
  • When LR starts the warden is now removed and no new warden can be selected.
  • Fixed a bug where the warden wouldn't be removed when last guard starts.
  • Players can no longer interact with game_player_equip entities during LR.
  • Players can now only use the !day command once per map.
  • The Race LR's end point can no longer be on top of the start point.
  • Added the taser to the weapon selection menu.
  • Fixed a potential bug where last guard could start after LR initialized.
  • Added a new !freeday command for admins that lets them give out freedays (it auto respawns targeted player).
  • Clan tags are no longer displayed for guards except for the warden who now gets a "Warden" clan tag.
  • The warden now has a custom "Warden" title next to their name in chat.
  • Improved the ring message when trying to place rings on invalid surfaces.
  • Players in a freeday can no longer damage breakables or use +use.
  • All player deaths are now logged in the console with team name, player name, and what they were killed by.
  • Added a !definitions command that opens the jailbreak definitions page.
  • Prisoners can no longer pickup weapons while frozen during a warday.
  • The number of last requests are now calculated on round start and can be checked with the new !lrs command.
  • Players can now pickup/drop weapons during the rebel last requests.
  • Players are now given a knife for rebel last requests.
  • The drug dealer rebel LR now gives you faster movement speed.
  • The drug dealer rebel LR now slaps you less often.
  • Players are now automatically respawned when joining a team or suiciding until cell doors open.
  • Changed the primary warden queue so it's now only used for the first warden of each round.
  • Players weapons will now be stripped when they die during the auto-respawn period.
  • Fixed players in LR being able to damage and take damage while in the opponent selection menu.
  • The auto-respawning now restarts itself when a warday starts up to the point the warday's freeze time ends.
  • Removed the custom warden clan tag for the time being since guards were no longer getting Swoobles points.
  • Added a healing area option to the warden's menu.
  • Weapons inside of cells are now restricted to a maximum of 15 rounds in the magazine with no reserve ammo.
  • Fixed restoring the players previous reserve ammo after they finish LR.
  • Warden is now removed when a day starts.
  • Guards now start with kevlar and prisoners start with no armor.
  • Players no longer get armor during LR.
  • Buttons can no longer be triggered by any entity other than a player.
  • Button presses now show in the console if the button was triggered by an entity with an owner.
  • Players are no longer respawned if they switch from CT to T during the auto respawn time.
  • Players are now teleported back to their original spawn point if they are respawned by the auto-respawn system.
  • Added !wwho command, which allows CTs to check warden without joining the queue.
  • Added warden death sound.
  • Added infinite taser for CTs on weapon selection warday.
  • Now displays a message for admins to handle their own freekills when using the !freekill command.
  • The player issuing the !freekill command will now see the freekill message as well.
  • Players in a freeday LR can no longer interfere with a freeze tag warday.
  • Guards will no longer auto-respawn at the start of rounds.
  • Players will no longer auto-respawn after suiciding.
  • CTs are stripped of their contraband when they are slain or CT Banned.
  • The first T to join the server may no longer use !lr.
  • Gravity and speed are reset to default at round start for all players.
  • Freedays are auto-slain when all rebel Ts have been killed on a warday.
  • SteamIDs are now logged in console for players who change their name or disconnect.
  • Freedays are no longer counted on the freeze tag HUD.
  • Guards now get a single health shot on spawn (worth 25 health).
  • Warden can now shoot 2 bullets and tap his +speed (shift walk) key 3 times to draw a line between those bullets.
  • Warden can now shoot 2 bullets and tap his +duck (crouch) key 3 times to draw the green ring between those bullets.
  • Warden now shoots paintballs even if they don't own any in the store.
  • Added the warden's clan tag back.

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