Ultimate Jailbreak - Mod Changelog

  • All alive players will now be muted while the warden uses his microphone.
  • The warden can now only talk for 3 seconds before everyone is unmuted. For every second they talk it adds to a counter. After everyone is unmuted it only adds 1/2 second per second to the counter. The warden must wait the amount of time on the counter before their mic will mute others players again. The counter is reset when a player is removed from warden.
  • The wardens auto mute while talking is now scaled based on the number of players in the server.
  • Will no longer try to select a new warden when only 1 guard is left.
  • If there are 3 or more guards the last guard alive will activate a "last guard" mode if LR hasn't started.
    • The last guard gets 17 additional health per prisoner alive.
    • The last guard has 20 seconds to attack a prisoner. Each attack resets the 20 second clock. After 20 seconds the guard starts taking 10 damage per 3 seconds.
    • The last guard gets 5 health back per prisoner he kills.
    • All players are beaconed when last guard activates. The beacon speeds up the closer the the guard is to a prisoner.
  • Fixed a bug with the wardens auto mute that made it so nobody ever got muted.
  • Fixed a bug where the last guard would keep too much health when LR started.
  • Fixed a bug that caused dead players to get LR if it initialized but didn't start before they died.
  • On Shot for Shot and Mag for Mag you can now shoot as soon as the weapon appears in your hand.
  • Fixed (hopefully) the bug where a prisoner wouldn't get switched to guards if they were supposed to.
  • Fixed a bug where a warden wouldn't be selected for the last guard alive when last guard mode isn't able to activate.
  • When last guard activates the warden is now removed if he still exists.

  • Added a new freeday system to the last request menu.
    • When a freeday LR is chosen the prisoner will be slain and the next round they will have their freeday.
    • During a last request freeday the prisoner will have a beacon that changes colors.
    • If the prisoner damages a guard during their freeday LR they will be slain and no damage will be dealt to the guard.
    • During the prisoners freeday round they will be slain when the next set of last requests are activated.
  • Fixed a bug where prisoners would keep their freeday effects after being switched to a guard.
  • Players can no longer select a freeday last request within 2 minutes and 30 seconds before the map ends.
  • Shot for Shot and Mag for Mag now have a set slay timer of 60 seconds instead of restarting the slay timer between every shot.
  • Fixed players not getting their starting weapon after a freeday.
  • Fixed being able to select a freeday after the map timelimit ran out.
  • The damage tracker no longer shows suicides.
  • The damage tracker now only shows guards damage.
  • Can no longer drop or pickup weapons on a last request freeday.
  • Changed it so now only the warden can use the roll command.
  • Lowered gravity a bit more on freedays.
  • Created an admin command sm_speed to set a players speed.
  • Changed the wardens laser pointer color to orange/red so it's easier to see.
  • Added a !day command wardens can use to select a freeday or warday.
    • A warden cannot use the !day command the first time they are warden for the map.
    • A freeday must wait 2 rounds before using another freeday.
    • A warday must wait 2 rounds before using another warday.
    • A freeday/warday cannot be used again the very next round.
  • Players will now get a knife on every warday when the freeze time ends.
  • Last requests will no longer initialize during a warday or freeday.
  • Added a new weapon selection warday.
  • Remade the CT ban plugin (you can now ban/unban offline steam ids).
    • sm_ctban <#steamid|#userid|name> <minutes> \"reason\" - Bans a player from joining the CT team.
    • sm_unctban <#steamid|#userid|name> - Removes a players CT ban.
    • sm_check_ctban <#steamid|#userid|name> - Checks to see if a player is CT banned.
  • Players must now have at least 5 hours played on the server before joining guards.
  • Fixed a bug where a CT banned player could be moved to guard if nobody was in the guard queue.
  • If there are only CT banned players and players without the required hours for guard it will first select the CT banned.

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