Admin changes

Some of you may have noticed there have been some changes to the way admin works. First of all admins are now global which means if you have admin then you have admin in every single Swoobles server. I have also changed the permissions admins get to better suit their levels.

For all admins, you can refer to this thread ADMIN COMMANDS for use on most commands.

You will see I removed most of the "fun" commands. This is because the main purpose of having admin is to help deal with trouble makers. If you feel a command is missing then please let me know.

As a side note the sm_who command only displays "admin" next to an admins name now and not their specific level. Also, keep in mind if you abuse in one server you will lose your admin in all of the servers.
Nice work! Smile
I dont like this at all
Should clear things up for the newer admins
[Image: giphy.gif]
Finally now I won't be bugged to switch people to ct.Smile
Having Admin on every server is worth giving in those "fun" commands. Cool Smile
These changes look familiar. Tongue
sm_abortlr on jb
1up needs to be in there... As well as gravity and freeze. Freeze is essential for the jb server. 1up is needed cause of all the free/accidental kills. Gravity just so people dont have an unfair advantage. This update in general doesnt make much sense... I hope things can get changed soon.
I think I deserve my own rank.

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