Upgraded Swoobles machine!

Over the last few months it became very apparent Swoobles needed more player slots. The only problem was our current machine couldn't handle that load and at the time I wasn't able to afford an upgrade. This was a big problem especially with summer right around the corner. Now that I have a bit more money to put towards Swoobles I decided it would be a good time to go ahead with an upgrade. The new machine is able to hold many more player slots per server as well as host everything needed for my plans for Swoobles future. I would however like to point out that running Swoobles every month is like a small car payment, so donations are always appreciated.

To make the transition to the new servers smooth I had implemented a system so your favorites list should automatically update to the new server IPs. If however your favorites list is still showing the old servers you can find the new IPs below. Please let any Swoobles players know about the new server IPs if they don't understand what's going on.


I would very much like to thank Yota_Ninja for his very generous donation as upgrading this soon wouldn't have been possible without him.

Here's hoping the new Swoobles machine can support us for many months to come!
Out the new IPs as an announcement for the steam group
hopefully the new servers can do cool stuff like make me sammiches!
Thanks for the shout out, Striker. Hopefully this will improve the performance, as well as attract new members! Smile
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What if I donated 4 titans?
(04-26-2014, 09:59 PM)Dr. Meowsworth Wrote: What if I donated 4 titans?

did you say...


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what about 128 tick servers?

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