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[POSTED 2019-11-02] Admin Application

Current steam name : Dom

Current steam ID :

Global Rank : #1703

Total hours played : 146.47 hours.

Age : 15

Time zone : Eastern time (Canada, Montreal)

Swoobles servers I mostly play on : Only Course

What qualifies me to be admin on Swoobles : I am a serious player that loves to help people that play on Swoobles servers, and I am able to enforce rules                                                                             without being too severe. I enforce rules with justice and not what pleases me the most. 

What I can bring on the table : Justice and help. (help means I will help people with their questions and other things)

Have I ever been banned on Swoobles : Yes, because I used to spam the scroll to jump when having the "none" style. To change, I upgraded my scrolling                                                                      technique to a much more efficient and less sketchy one. I also tried to work on my attitude at the time since I was                                                                   young (1 year ago). My ban has been lifted since at least 1 year and I haven't got ban ever again, and I understand that                                                            I did something wrong.

Have I ever been admin before : No.

Link to previous applications : , ,

Have I read and understood the rules : Yes.
no rep

my reply will be the same as the one i put on a previous application of yours even though i still havent met you from what i can remember

i dont see how someone who cant take responsibility for their mistakes can be admin. based on your applications alone (which is the only impression ive seen of you so im not repping) i dont think you would make a good admin.
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5th | jimvitational gang
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No rep

Just a couple of things for clarification, since no one informed you on any of your apps, you're ban was not lifted. The reason listed for the ban was macros which at the time, the punishment for first offenses was one week. The week passed and the ban ended.

"... and I haven't got ban ever again..." Also, you were banned again on July 1st, 2018 for two hours due to you leaving a pug.
[Image: 8kdVDYR.png]

On a more serious note, no rep. It seemed that first time this year you’ve even played on Swoobles was on October 31st. Seems like a mega inactive move to me.
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No rep

Im constantly on course, everyday I come home, pop on course, but yet I've never seen you on, you could just pop in and out when I do, but the point I'm trying to make is, I don't think you were active enough as Ayant said.
what would Bob Ross do?
Okay so i looked at the logs and you have 4 days recently played, in the past YEAR. I dont see how you expect to apply for admin after taking a 11 month break and only joining for a minimal amount of days. Also in that past year many things in swoobs have changed rule wise and you havent had time to settle back into playing.  Id like to see you actually play and make a name for yourself before applying again. There is nothing anyone can have a rep based on in this application so i am going to deny this. Like i said make a name for yourself, give people a reason they can recognize you, try to influence others, and give it some time and dont Expect admin

Sorry, but you did not meet the requirements for admin this time around. Please reflect on the feedback that was given to you, and better luck next time.

You may reapply on Wednesday December 25, 2019
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