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[POSTED 2019-06-09] admin app v2

Steam Name: GodzGaming

Current Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:125511780

Global rank and total hours played: #783, 288.71 hours

Age: 17

Time zone: East Coast

Swoobles Server(s) you most play on: jailbreak, retake, pug

What qualifies you for admin on our servers, and what can you bring to the table?: sometimes people don't understand what to do in jb or they are not playing by the rules or dont know how to play jb at all and i try to help when i am not dead. There are people in retake that can be rude and i usually have to call admin to mute them or gag them. In my previous app, i know that people have said that i am toxic but i have changed.

Have you been server banned before on Swoobles? (If yes, why? What have you done to change?): I threw a game in pug but i no longer do that since i just want to play the game now and since people dont go on pug that much anymore. I have also been ct banned before since i did not know the rules very well before.

Have you been admin before on Swoobles? (if so, why was it removed?): No

Link to previous application(s) (all of them!):

Have you read and understood the rules? Yes

Godz is a really funny guy to play with. He knows his rules and has a very friendly personality.

Good Luck!
[Image: 2c1e04a08327afe7eab50e268218e87c.png]
Godz, you are still pretty toxic, and your rule knowledge isn't the best on jailbreak. I think I might have to play a bit more with you to +0 or -0.5 though.
[Image: mint-leaf-clip-art-14.gif]

I really strive to never spread negativity, but in the first week or two when I really started playing Swoobles (early May) I played my first Swoobles pug and you happened to be on my team. That was my first time in three years that I had played a 5v5, and you were really toxic to me because of my skill as well as the other members. Maybe you were having a bad day or something, but that was your first impression on me, and it wasn't one of an ideal admin.
[Image: bm0pPyn.gif]

I'd-.5 if my playtime wasnt as low. You are still toxic at times. Please fix that.
+0 gods chill dude has decent rule knowledge for a lvl 1 and friendly
try to be less toxic anyways gl
[Image: ElaborateMealyGermanshepherd-max-1mb.gif]

Not repping because of your recent behaviour... Recently you have been fine and not a nuisance, but before this recent 2 ish weeks that I have played with you-you have been a burden and really toxic, Something that I would like to see you improve is your toxicity since I do not know your rule knowledge quite yet. Please stop being super toxic and then saying its banter because sometimes it can really hurt people and or be really annoying, if this app gets denied and you become toxic like you used to be you damn well may know that I am not repping you next apps (unless you become a super burden and I need to give more feedback or need to -1 you) other than that I have nothing to say, good luck have fun and fuck bitches get money!
Just Because You're Special Doesn't mean You're Useful!

Godz i feel like youre in the same boat as mints in sense you make a lot of jokes that a lot of people take the wrong way. But from personal experience you can be really chill as well, your rule knowledge can be improved for sure but it is good as of now. Honestly if you just take away those jokes and show your chill side more often i do believe you could make a great admin.

Best of luck man

A lot of people dont see his humor. Its not even that directly insulting hes just a loud and extroverted guy. I think he beings a good personality to the servers and his rule knowledge is enough to deserve a shot at level 1.

Me and ling never lose A site cache....
[Image: eG5bfTp.gif]
5th | jimvitational gang
[Image: 0loD30b.png]
+0 solid rule knowledge. Fun presence for those who understand his humor and that he’s not trying to be a dick. Downside is players get turned off by “negative” attitudes and tone. We’ve tried super hard recently to stop the toxic admin meta, and unless you can change the way you talk/act I don’t want all of that work to be for nothing. I like you, just want a less aggressive you.

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