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[POSTED 2019-05-29] AyantwanGG.TTV's Level 1 Application

Steam Name: AyantwanGG.TTV

Current Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:77985794

Global rank and total hours played: #2704, 91.62 hours

Age: 20

Time zone: EST

Swoobles Server(s) you most play on: Course

What qualifies you for admin on our servers, and what can you bring to the table?: I can bring a friendly and positive personality to the admin team, while being able to enforce the rules of Swoobles. I often greet the new people that stumble upon the course server and I try to make them feel comfy in the server, as well as teaching tips and tricks from time to time like skips or where to go in a map. I've read the required text (Server rules+forum rules), so I believe I have an understanding of the rules, and why they are in place. Essentially, all I wish to do is better the Swoobles server, kill any toxicity on sight, and unite everyone as a whole!

Have you been server banned before on Swoobles? (If yes, why? What have you done to change?): Negative.

Have you been admin before on Swoobles? (if so, why was it removed?): I have not.

Link to previous application(s) (all of them!): N/A

Have you read and understood the rules? Indeed I have!
[Image: bm0pPyn.gif]

Great presence in the server, always welcoming and friendly and helps out other players. I have never experienced him being even remotely toxic and seems to know the rules well for when people ask questions. I would have complete trust in this player to have admin.
Neutral (+0).

Good rule knowledge! Ayantwan is an all around great guy how always greets me and many others once we come online. He also takes his time to help others and teach them tricks to improve, i haven't seen Ayan get punished before and i would love to see him as an addition to the level 1 community. Even though he has less than 100 hours he plays a lot and is very active.

Good luck on the rest of your app,

You would be a great addition to the team. I see you on course l the time helping people and I don't think I've ever seen you cause a problem I think you would make a fine level 1. I must say some constructive criticism is to maybe interact more and let people get to know you along this week and I'm sure everyone will have the same opinion as I do.
+0 great guy. He is always on course and he is a very chill guy. I rarely see him be toxic and hes nice to almost everyone.

+0 nice guy on course whenever i see him. helpful to everyone and for sure knows rules.
[Image: mint-leaf-clip-art-14.gif]
Good friend of mine IG, always nice to people and always welcomes new people aswell as veterans. Never seen any toxicity from Ayant and probably never will, one of my best reps so far and I wish you the best Ayant GOOD LUCK! Exclamation Shy

Great guy, very helpful and friendly and shows genuine care for the servers 

[Image: GleefulMarvelousAllensbigearedbat-max-1mb.gif][Image: 09cGqqO.png]
+1 for sure. I was waiting to see how you were on course after our first couple of interactions and you’re s very pleasant person with no issues as far as I can see. I love your attitude towards other players, and how you treat everyone with respect. It’s nice you’re active in discord and the forums already too

It's always a pleasure to see you on course, you're respectful and nice with everyone. You never hesitate to enforce the rules, you like to help out and to answer questions, I can easily see you as a level 1. If you have any questions or concerns, never hesitate to come to me, I'll be more than happy to help.
[Image: cfuIebk.png]

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