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[POSTED 2019-05-24] Lead Application - Highlander

Steam Name: Highlander

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:53648542

Current level and desired level:

Current level : 3 | Desired level : 4 (Lead) 

Server(s) you most play on:
Mainly course. But I get to hop on other servers too from time to time.

Why you deserve to be promoted:

Hello everyone, I know I don't really play much Jailbreak unfortunately but I'm still giving this application a shot for the following reasons (I'll make it short don't worry) : 

I believe there is no need to talk about rule knowledge, or even command usage, since by getting level 3, I have already shown my capacity to handle complex situations.
That said, I belive that I have shown serious dedication to this community over the past fiew years. At this point, gameplay isn't the main reason I'm still admin, the community is, the environnement, the people. I love to interact with our player base and I believe that I'm a well respected admin across all servers. I've made myself a good reputation over time, despite the ups and downs I've had. My goal is only to push this further, and make everyone have a good time and play in an enjoyable environnement.

I know being lead isn't an easy task, but trust me, I'm ready to take the challenge.I believe the server I mainly play on needs somepone people can look up to, to rely on, and take as a role model, and I've been waiting for this oppotunity to come for quite a time now, as my urge to help this community has only been growing lately. I also want to push my impact beyond our servers, by contributing more on the forums.

 My concern is only to make Swoobles! better and go forward, by not only inspiring our players, but also our admins.

Thanks you for reading me Swoobles, don't hesitate to leave any constructive criticism, I'm always willing to improve.

Link to previous application(s) (all of them!):

First admin application : (Successfully accepted | 2015)

Level two promotion application (Successfully accepted | 2015)

Second admin application (after resign) (Successfully accepted | 2016)
Third admin application (after ban/appeal) : (Successfully accepted | 2018)
Second level two promotion application : (Successfully accepted | 2018)
First level three promotion application: (Successfully accepted | 2018) 
[Image: cfuIebk.png]

You're the best level 3 I know and an amazing admin. You really deserve this more than most of our level 3's and I really want to see you get this. I think that you could be an amazing lead and have really good potential for an amazing AND ACTIVE lead.


Every time I have been on course Highlander has been on always. And i'm sure when i'm offline He's still on course. Course is a heavy server to manage with the consistent player count. But highlander is great at managing it. He always looks out for what's best for the server and does his job. Plus he is always friendly and positive when he's on. Swoobles has needed leads like this for awhile now and I think highlander is perfect for this role. GL

From my experience, you are one of the most dedicated course admins. You use your admin power appropriately and have a genuine desire to improve the server and the community as a whole. I believe that you are already a great leader and promoting you to Lead would only expand that position in the community. 
Good luck Smile

Highlander is another example of "best in class" when it comes to admining.
His dedication to Swoobles is evident and the way he interacts with members is powerful.

Highlander does not play much JB, so that it the only real downside to this app since it is a JB lead position. BUT Highlander is one of the best and can definitely handle this role
+1 shows a great deal of maturity, respect, and dedication to swoobles. He plays a great role in the servers and many players look up to him. Good luck

A very good choice for lead, your a very good course player, your a very good admin, your very active, you know general rules really well, your mature, you know how to handle rule breakers effectively, you take very good control of situations and i would love to have you lead me.

Goodluck man

Knows general rules and isnt a totaly fuck up on jb like a lot of course admins. Would be a good lead for course. Shame its a jb position i hope the course one opens up
[Image: eG5bfTp.gif]
5th | jimvitational gang
[Image: 0loD30b.png]

Thank goodness I can have a + on you. You and Boop, man, ya'll are the greatest. Extremely fair when it comes to punishments and is knowledgeable on every subject you ask him. We all freaking love you, maybe more than Yota. kappa GL
Fattest +1. Most level head we have, very intelligent a a fun player to be around. Hopefully a course lead spot opens up so you don't take up a jb one omega.

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