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[POSTED 2019-05-24] Lead Application - Boop


How can I not +1 someone who already has experience as a lead? Boop is a great man, mature and smart. Would deserve his spot back.
[Image: cfuIebk.png]

Aside from Boop being lead previously, he seems to be one of the more worthy figures for this position, at least in my opinion. Boop knows the rules and enforces it right and thoroughly. He is a really great admin who I would like to see as a lead.

Good Luck

You were lead long before I was, and I always looked up to you as an admin. We might have had our share of differences, but we have always been close in a sense. I'm glad you've become better as a overall person, and I believe that you will be a better lead than you were previously if you were to be accepted.
Even having the experience he does, Boop had the decency to inquire exactly how he should carry and present himself as an admin coming back to swoobles. I expect great things. +1

I have not seen as much of you in-game as Highlander and have pretty much only met you recently, but as with Highlander, you are a consistent role model and I'd be happy with you representing swoobles. Another thing is that before I got level 3, you were frequently available to get on for a bit to administrate for me or whoever was asking. This is needed in leads, as there typically aren't many of them. On top of this, you already have experience being a lead. Good luck.
[Image: 8kdVDYR.png]
+1 some times the easy choice isn’t the best choice but not in this case I believe as well as many others that boop is the best choice for the position, he has the experience the reputation and personal qualities a good lead should. Good luck!
[Image: XUqmuF3.jpg?1]

Besides Ricky, I fail to see another figure as authoritive and respected than Boop. I think Ricky and Boop would make a fine pair of new leads and really attempt to usher in and implement the changes supposedly made. I think Boop has excellent rule knowledge, good with people and a friendly communicable face for casuals on the server to query to aswell as admins alike. Good luck.
[Image: tumblr_ouwd3rVvmL1twgfw0o1_r1_500.gif]
+0.5 best person to have lead, he had it before, is active, knows rules way better than others.
[Image: mint-leaf-clip-art-14.gif]
(05-24-2019, 02:43 PM)jim Wrote: +1

Already been lead and a very understanding admin. Has the experience to do amazingly.

Still a +1

Boop is one of the most understanding people I have ever met. His experience for a lead position is literally unreachable by any of the current level 3s. He is the chillest guy you'll ever meet and is truly humble. In all of his apps he has denied the portion of 'deserving' the position because he thinks he doesn't deserve it but could just help the community. That mindset is valuable and rare. He is a teacher among admins and many already look up to him. In terms of the active admins he is probably the most looked up to as a leader maybe competing with Highlander.
[Image: eG5bfTp.gif]
5th | jimvitational gang
[Image: 0loD30b.png]

Congratulations, you made the cut to join myself along with the rest of our Lead team! This was not an easy decision for us, as we had plenty of capable applicants. Your hard work, dedication to the community, and and ability to lead others has landed you at the top of the chain.

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM myself or any other Lead admin.
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