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[POSTED 2019-05-16] friendly lvl 3 v2

Name: jim

(technically 'petrichor' rn)

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:232296701

Level + Next level: 2 -> 3

Servers I most play: jb, pug, course, retake, 1v1 (the most but i play all of them)

I am adept with all the commands that level 2s have and I believe that I have gone beyond the expectations of a level 2. I have finished figuring out the nuances of administration that comes with sm_kick and I believe that its time for me to take on sm_ban.
I've always been a very active admin, I'm known for being the one who definitely does not sit back and not use my commands. I play a lot and I admin a lot. Recently I stopped playing for a bit because of school and my hours in the last 30 days remained in the 90+ region for a very long time. Even when I'm inactive I'm a lot more active than most.
I am extremely comfortable with all sorts of situations that can crop up on the servers. Even situations that require a high level admin I am quick to understand that and contact one. For situations that can be dealt with level 2's then I 100% am capable of doing so quickly, fairly, and have done it before.
Many admins are confined to just one server. Coursemins and JBmins. I am not like this. I play on every single swoobles server, and I play a very large variety often. Of course, I love jailbreak, and it will always be my main server, but I play course, retake, 1v1, pug, and others very often as well. On these servers I do not simply sit back and let native admins do everything, I am adept with my commands on all servers. A lot of people have told me they don't even consider me a jb admin because of this.
I've been told by many admins that they consider me a teacher to them. I'm proud of the fact that I've inspired many to become admins and hope I will teach many more. As a level 3, I see it as almost necessary to be a teacher to those below you. I would be great at this.
My experience on jailbreak is truly large for my life lol. I have spent 5 years playing on Swoobles! jailbreak and I absolutely love it. I understand likely every situation very well and am capable of handling it. I am seen as a very good authority on the rules on jb and there are very few admins generally considered to better than me at it (especially with today's events).
As I said in my last app, it's likely that the most used admin command on pug is sm_ban. As I am now applying for the right to use that command I should probably explain myself. I am well aware of the pug rules and when pug tp's reset themselves. I am fully capable of using my experience for pug bans.
On the other servers (which i lump together because I play jb and pug the most) I mostly admin casually as I play. every once in a while I encounter a cheater or scripter. In these situations, it would be nice to be able to ban them myself or use sm_xray to help with my analysis.
I have already been level 3. I know how to do it. I will not have issues with sm_addban syntax or with bhc that is experienced by a lot of new level 3s because I simply wouldn't be a new level 3. I can also say that I am very adept with bhc and have studied it personally with Hymns with detail. I definitely consider myself able to make bhc bans and record them appropriately.

Sad stuff 2: Honestly a lot of the people who I was an arrogant dick to are either inactive or no longer admin now. But I still feel as if I have to write this. I was truly a terrible person to many people as a level 3. I let power get to my head and viewed myself as better than everyone else. I've been humbled back when I wasn't an admin and I've been humbled now. I respect the authority of this community, as a lot of people today haven't. I am truly sorry and regretful for my actions and attitude as level 3 and have changed.

Old apps:

friendly level 1 v1 Denied at 0

friendly level 1 v2 Accepted at +7

friendly level 2 v1 Accepted at +5.5

friendly level 3 v1 Accepted at +3

friendly level 1 v3 Denied at -.5

friendly level 1 v4 Accepted at +8

friendly level 2 v2 Accepted at +19
[Image: eG5bfTp.gif]
5th | jimvitational gang
[Image: 0loD30b.png]

Such a great guy and super helpful. Throughout my time on swoobles out of anyone on the server Jim has helped me the most. Jim definitely knows how to use level 3 commands because he has been level 3 before. (like he stated)

Goodluck <3
[Image: GleefulMarvelousAllensbigearedbat-max-1mb.gif][Image: 09cGqqO.png]
+0 good experience

jim is the best non-lead admin we have right now by far, and shows he cares about the community and making it a better place. he has shown time and time again he knows the rules, and he is a fantastic friend. i hope you  get it buddy
[Image: giphy.gif]
+1 great guy good rule knowledge knows how to admin
+0 while i am not the most active admin whenever i see jim on the servers he is always helpful. i truely think that he will be a great level 3 admin.
[Image: PwzGksc.png]
+1 good admin, always does the right thing, and would make a great lvl 3. GL!
[Image: m17cyzf.png]

Honestly I dont care if I'm not an admin anymore. You sti were/are an arrogant dick. Literally annoying in my opinion. I dont care if this gets accepted I just want you to know that you get so annoying.

jim... where do I start.

Good friend of mine and I hope a rep like this won't change that. But damn how much you remind me of the old level 3 you know. Your ego can get really out of hand on the servers, you often are snarky with players for no reason and shit do you mess up a lot. You've literally ctbanned yourself 8 times (or been ctbanned by someone else) in the past month. Gl anyways though, good man with good rule knowledge who does care, but isn't ready for 3 at this point

honestly one of the best level 2's i see the initiative to learn and expand your knowledge of the rules. you are by far one of the best candidates for level 3. i really hope you are serious about this and wont just do some dumb shit once you get it regarding the current state of things. please dont tell me your acting like a child rn too. you always seemed to be understanding atleast and will understand your wrong if need be.

goodluck also p.s you were never really that bad. you were a pretty chill dude.
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