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Admins seeing guard chat

I think everyone by now knows admins sometimes get a bit of an unfair advantage by seeing guard chat when they're a T, even when they're alive. They get info they're probably not supposed to know occasionally. Q


Warden: Player 1, pick a T to die

Player 1 (in guard chat): I pick Admin to die

*Admin sees this, admin runs away or bhops towards CT*

Guard chat is meant to be a place where a T is able to communicate with CTs without other T's knowing. I know admins need to be able to monitor this, but I think there are just sometimes it throws off the fairness of the game.

I think it would be helpful to have a command /gchat where admins can enable/disable seeing guard chat. When an admin is on T and alive, it is automatically disabled by default. If an admin hears of a player abusing the chat, they can do /gchat and enable it to monitor it and punish the abuser.

I doubt most admins would try to abuse the system and do /gchat just to get info, and if they did it would be pretty obvious. I know it's a minor thing but I'm sure it's not that hard to implement and it would help preserve the integrity of the game.

I dont think it's ever been a problem, atleast not that I have seen. If they did run away then cts can just go catch them, can they not?
Yes, the point is admins shouldn’t be running away in the first place because they shouldn’t know they’ve been picked to die. Back when I was active I’ve seen times where admins have successfully rebelled in situations like that.

It’s just a matter of keeping things fair. Admins don’t try to abuse this perk intentionally, it’s just that they can’t ignore it really.
I feel as if this an an intentional evil which isn’t very avoidable. Pros and cons to everything just hope admins live by the honor code and just accept it.
If an admin does act that way, they shouldn't be admin. You shouldn't be using it as an advantage.
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I think that a lot of it is that admins get so used to being able to see guard chat that they forget. I’m sure you guys have done this a few times without realizing it, and so have I.
This has happened to me once ever. And it was like last year.

Obviously being able to enable and disable has no negative consequences so i am for it. But im honestly not concerned with this.
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its pretty obvious. its a form of admin abuse. using your admin powers to get information that is not accessible to players who are not admin. if your caught abusing it and a player reports the admin abusing it im sure they will get in trouble. the command would not be useful at all because either an admin wouldn't have it toggled when needed. which is any point dead or alive because guard chat abuse happens all the time or admins who want to abuse it would just have it enabled.
I wouldn’t go to the extent of calling it abuse. Admins can’t really ignore guard chat and they can’t unsee information once they see it. Like I said, it becomes second nature for admins to be able to see that chat and they can forget they’re not supposed to. It’s not something I’d report. I’m sure 90% of the times admins get information and act off of it they don’t do it with devious intent.

Back when I administrated TTT it would be like someone complaining in admin chat, “This guy is going around rdming!!” Well, now I know that guy is an innocent, which I’m not supposed to. It’s hard to ignore these things when you see them, especially like something with guard chat where you can easily forget that the only reason you can see it is because you’re admin.

Jim I think your statement reaffirms my point.

I’m not really trying to make a mountain out of a molehill here, but I think it’s something that would be an easy fix and could help out with the fairness a bit.

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