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[POSTED 2019-03-06] YHN Flex admin app #2

Steam Name:  YHN Flex 

Current Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:156141383

Global rank and total hours played: Global rank - #1,011 | Time played - 225.55 hours

Age: 14 

Time zone: EST

Swoobles Server(s) you most play on: JB and Course

What qualifies you for admin on our servers, and what can you bring to the table?: I feel like I have great rule knowledge and want to make it a fun and safe place for everyone. I am active player and play almost everyday. I feel like I could help the server out when there are mo admins on.

Have you been server banned before on Swoobles? (If yes, why? What have you done to change?): No

Have you been admin before on Swoobles? (if so, why was it removed?): No 

Link to previous application(s) (all of them!): (denied)

Have you read and understood the rules? Yes 
-0.5 When ever I am on with you, you are nothing but toxic. Maybe if you were not as toxic you would be admin material, but I dont see any space for toxic players on the servers.

Acceptable rule knowledge, and a good friend. Might come off as an annoying burden from time to time but IMO, his willingness to constantly provide the server with the help it needs makes up for it.Work a little bit on maturity as I can foresee a couple of reps regarding it.

Good Luck ?
[Image: giphy.gif]
Toxic, annoying, you see yourself in your own little world looking down and belittling people.
[Image: rWzvrkc.png]
toxic, annoying, dosent know many rules, overall burden.
Hands down one of the most toxic players out there. Your rule knowledge is definitely not up to par with what is expected of level 1 admins and I think you lack the maturity to handle it. I think 45 days would do you some good.
Im going to add onto this to try and guide yo u in the right direction. I resigned and was toxic af, just ask anyone I was not fun to be around. I was just awful and I hate myself for being that way. What you should try and do is respond to hate and toxicity with a positive attitude. I find that most toxic players are toxic because they have experienced toxicity towards them and saw the person being toxic towards them as a (Bigger person). This is not the case at all. toxic players try to act big by preying on unsuspecting players in hopes of being the bigger person. I would suggest that you find a calm game to play when you are not playing swoobles. This is what I did I played a lot of solo games like Plants vs Zombies. I know this may sound dumb but it helped me a lot. When you are playing a solo game there is nobody for you to (be superior to) and its just overall calming. Just put on some of your favorite music and vibe out. Best of luck to you Smile

no idea what the fuck everyone else is talking about. you're not overbearingly toxic or anything and you seem chill, just worried about your rule knowledge a bit. work on rule knowledge and I think you'd make a decent level 1.

Sometimes when there is toxicity on the server instead of telling them to stop or just don´t care about it you join in with the other toxic players and you become toxic and i don´t think we need an admin that is toxic. Second, your rule knowledge is not acceptable for level 1, since you only have a little more than 100 hours on jailbreak and jailbreak has a lot of hard rules and there are many rules that you should know as an admin. Under the 45 days u have until you can reapply i suggest you think before you talk and cut down the mic usage, last thing is that you should read the rules and the ama, i´d say if you really want to get admin after these 45 days you should read the rules once a day and read maybe 3-6 pages AMA everyday and you will definetely have ruleknowledge that is up to par with level 1.

Good Luck!
[Image: Friends-arena_500x250_2-f4d0935e78.png]

You always contribute to toxicity on the servers and often times start it. You are racist annoying and not admin material. Idk about your rule knowledge tho
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5th | jimvitational gang
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