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[POSTED 2019-01-11] GangMembers App

Steam Name: GangMember

Current Steam Igasp STEAM_0:0:245093301

Global rank and total hours played: I am global rank #636 and I have 332.31 hours

Age: 16

Time zone: EST +5

Swoobles Server(s) you most play on: JailBreak, Pug!

What qualifies you for admin on our servers, and what can you bring to the table?: Over the past 3 years of playing on swoobles I have grown as a person, and this server has been a big part of my life, and now its my time to give back! Im active, I know the rules and is nice to everyone that plays. I have read over most of the pages in the ama, re-read all of the rules multiple times, I think I know my stuff! Ive been a burden before, ive gotten banned for “cheating”, but ive changed, I know all the admins and have grown to kown the community with my calm cool mind set and my strong grasp on the rule knowledge makes me a great candidate to be an lvl 1 admin! Over the past few months, I have also been working on another server called DMFrenzy, its a slightly smaller 1v1,DM,FFA network, ive been an admin on there for around 4 months and have grown into a mature admin, with knowledge on how to use commands and interact with players, ive learned that being an admin sometimes cannot be fun, but I want to give back and Im willing to push thru the bad times to make swoobles fun for everyone! Sence nov 21 2018 I have not gotten any punishment on swoobles, and I dont plan on getting anymore! Ive been helping admins out on jb if they miss anything, and im also active early morning and late nights! Ive carefully watched other admins over the past 45 days and ive learned how they have treated players and how they have interacted with players. I think with my knew non-toxic play style and active I could help the server alot!

Have you been server banned before on Swoobles? (If yes, why? What have you done to change?): Yes, I have been banned on swoobles 5 total times, and ct banned a total of 3 times, my last ban was givin by cookie on nov 5 2018, for the reason of abusing admin chat.

Have you been admin before on Swoobles? (if so, why was it removed?): Nope!

Link to previous application(s) (all of them!): ( denied ) ( denied ) ( denied )

Thank you all so much for this opportunity, this community has been a big part of my life as I have said above, I owe it all to the staff team and community, sorry for the old me. <3

Best regards, Gang.
Ur decently friendly and have good rule knowledge, but I haven’t seen the improvement from the last apps, or anything special you did to become admin. Throughout this weekend and weekdays play more with me so I can observe and change my rep to a +0.
[Image: giphy.gif]
+Neutral - I’ll watch you closer, you’re not really toxic anymore but you don’t make a huge scream for admin, I don’t see any ground breaking rule knowledge or huge personality.

It’s weird, I almost want the old huge gang member personality back, of course coupled with an excellent rule knowledge and we might have a nice combination there!

Also a good long time bud, so I’d like to see you getting it finally. 

Good luck my man!
[Image: tumblr_ouwd3rVvmL1twgfw0o1_r1_500.gif]

I havent you in a while. Most of my memories of you are really quite burdensome but from the effort youve put into this and how long its been since ive really seen you a lot its believable that youve changed. Il try to see you over this week to rep
I'm neutral at the moment but I want to say that you are light-years away from how you were. The progress is noticeable, keep it up! Also, save the thank yous for just before the app ends.

You are a great person and always willing to help any person out with rules or anything else, and you always help calm down people. I think you deserve lvl 1!

I'd like to add on, I did not mean to repost his app on my reply

I'm gonna take a chance on this one. I've always seen potential in you ever since you starting actually trying to get better, and you really have. You're really firendly, help admins and you have good rule knowledge (which you did before, but exploited it instead of using it to teach). After a while, I've seen that you really don't even snap anymore at annoying players, and you really have changed for the better. However, I could still see you becoming toxic after you get admin, so please don't. If you wanna be a great admin just stay friendly and work on the AMA knowledge a little bit, I have hope in you dog. Good luck man.
[Image: WriHBiq.png]
Changing to +0
I have seen you be less toxic and a better person in the past month already. This week I observed and saw ur eagerness to improve yourself as a player in this community. I think this is going to be a trait in you admining and you will be eager to become a good admin. I think your rule knowledge and maturity is matching with an admins. I would just try to stand out even more and correct/help even more players which would have a better impact on you!

[Image: giphy.gif]

You've improved so much since your last application. But, I feel as if you are not certain in some aspects of the rules.
[Image: giphy.gif] [Image: toya.png]
1000th Jailbreak Forum thread is mine!

Kenu is a good guy and knows his rules. Always respectful and tries to help out deserves a shot at level 1.
Stop shitpost abuse 2k18 shitposting is great!

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