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words per minute

Literally can’t break 50wpm.
[Image: tumblr_ouwd3rVvmL1twgfw0o1_r1_500.gif]
[Image: urSHTOf.png]
I finally got over 100
[Image: d01901fac1717d570661637e8e79fbf6.png]

I have a really strange, improper typing technique that I developed when I was little (I've been on a computer since I was two). I haven't bothered changing it since then.

Right hand: Strictly use index finger, only use pinky for holding Rshift. I do not use my middle finger, ring finger, or thumb at all.

Left hand: Mostly use index finger, ring finger commonly used, middle finger occasionally used. Left thumb for spacebar (don't use my right thumb for space ever). I never use my left pinky when typing.

My fingers are not "assigned" to hit certain letters either. I hit "s" with my left index, ring, and middle fingers at times depending on where my hands are (my hands are all over the place when typing). Usually my index finger gets dibs on any "left side" letter, but if it just hit a key far away from it then my other fingers will do it instead.

My keyboard isn't strictly left side right side either. Sometimes my left index finger hops over and hits something on the right side, or vice versa.

I don't know why I've learned to type like this. It's really weird, but my hands are used to it. I will always type out a word the same way, but the same fingers might not always hit the same letter for different words.

My computer teacher in 7th grade didn't care that my typing was weird. When people were scoring 50 WPM at most I was doing like 80-90, so he never bothered to try fixing it - and I don't plan on trying to either. Maybe I'll record myself typing one day to show how weird it is.
[Image: unknown.png]
I have the same exact typing pattern as Kieran, I never knew people should use all their fingers when typing until I was 5 years into typing.

I want to learn to use all my fingers but it's so hard to break a habit you've been doing your whole life for 8+ hours daily.
I used to have similarly poor typing habits:
  • preferred use of left hand
  • under-use of smaller fingers
  • inconsistent finger usage for certain letters
The reason why I ended up fixing everything was when I got my new keyboard and basically relearned everything.
post of my setup and some stats

As you can see, my keyboard is literally split down the middle, so I was no longer able to have a greedy hand reaching over to the right keys.  In addition, the columns of keys are not staggered like a standard keyboard, so it was best to use the proper method of keeping hands in the same place, and extending fingers from front to back, rather than reaching all over the place.  After trying to type QWERTY on this for a few days, I realized my typing habits, which had primarily been the result from learning to type while playing games and other mouse-driven programs, were incompatible with this board.  So I decided to switch my layout to Dvorak so that there was no option to fall back on old habits (all but a couple keys are in new places, and the keys are completely blank so no way to peek). 

Some of this info is in the previous post, but basically the moral of the story is that re-learning to type is possible, and in fact it took me only a week or two to get to an workable typing speed, again learning completely from scratch, new key layout, very different keyboard, and now a year later, I'm as fast or faster than i was before i switched, and have been for a while.  I don't know how different it would be trying to "fix" your typing rather than relearning, but I would suspect that a "fixing" approach will be faster, but result in more error prone typing for a while since your two minds of typing will be fighting for a while.  Always remember when learning to do something like this to slow down and make sure you get things right, as its easy to slip into the old habit and fight the new one.

You may also be wondering why the hell I decided to switch to a split keyboard and new layout in the first place.  The idea started with my frustration with the standard keyboard layout, poor placement of certain keys, strain from frequent switching between keyboard and mouse, not being able to position both arms comfortably at the same time.  So I did some research and found a split, hackable board, and since I like doing odd things just to prove I can, I thought why not.
[Image: 43b4dc51220d08ef450a29a646f92fdf.png]

had a few warm ups before this one, 110+ avg

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