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[SUGGESTION] Retake's massive plugin update?

Hi, so here I'm going to post lots of suggestion/plugins to add to the retake server to make it a server that people will want to join instead of other servers. I am going to try to keep the plugins updated and add more suggestion by keeping an eye out on what the playerbase wants and from other servers ideas.

So first, there is autoplant plugin which plants the bomb for you, so that means no more forgetting to plant, no more spawn killing because you are planting late ect.

Second there is the instant defuser plugin which automatically defuses the bomb when there is no t's alive, enough time, and no molotov's on the bomb, this would save more time so there is more playing/rounds and less waiting.

then I suggest we add pistol rounds at the start and the choice to choose your pistol, for this one I had issues, since I know we are already using that plugin but we might not have it enabled or idk but there are these links to be able to choose your pistol but I had issues with the pistol rounds I will look more deeply tomorrow.

I also recommend changing the 9 person retake max to 10 I don't see why it couldn't be 5v5 instead of 5v4, and maybe possibly I know it's hard because of the 6v4 and 3v7 ration but make it so there is no 5v3 it's just really stupid I don't see why it shouldn't be a 4v4.

that's what I have today I will probably update this post when I find more interesting stuff/new plugins and maybe start writing some, anyways you can let your input for suggestion and if you disagree with any of my propositions
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Feel like number 2 could have some issues but the rest of it I completely agree with would just make retake better.
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The first 2 plugins are very good for the server, hoping they should work, they're excellent suggestions;
As for the pistol links you gave I'm afraid I'm certain they won't work nor are compatible with the plugins currently used, I hopefully might be wrong though!
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Everything here sounds great and is used on a lot of other popular retake servers. We already have somewhat of a population on the server and things like the pistol selection and auto bomb plant get brought up a lot by randoms (e.g. "oh this server doesn't have auto-plant? my bad"). Not entirely sure if 5v5 is the best option but feel free to debate as other servers also do this.

While we're at it can we PLEASE lower the number of wins by Ts before teams get shuffled? It's literally 1 variable and I think everyone can agree it needs to be like 4 or 5.
Yeah I agree, this could change the : we are a 9 round in a row let’s throw this one and win again.

And for divii I’m pretty sure we used to have pistol rounds and I don’t see why it couldn’t work but I am a big noob so idk but being able to change your pistol for deagle or other things would be nice.

For the 5v5 I see it like a buff since more people can play at a time and when you are searching for a server and you see there is a 10 player max but join and can’t play since is nine I feel useless and we could probably benefit from this especially since there aren’t lots of us servers that the latency isn’t over 100 (uk)

And for death, the plugin has been tested and updated many times so there is no glitches with the molly, the only glitch I notice while testing it was if you pressed your use button do defuse super fast it wouldn’t register but this can be avoided by pressing e longer xd
[Image: KmeODYa.png]
I agree with a lot of these ideas. The instant defuser, the instant planter all are great plugins and should be used to speed up the rounds.
Pistol rounds and the ability to change your pistol would be great.
Agreeing with the 5v5, the server should have ~13 people allowed in the server. This is so we can have 5v5 but also have some spectators that can watch and wait for their turn. I see this in a lot of other retake servers.
All these plugins seem like good features for the retake server, hopefully they are added. 

blood you forgot to mention me i helped you smh 
[Image: KmeODYa.png]
Added the first two plugins

We had pistol rounds enabled before, but they would last like 5 rounds or something stupid and people didn't like that so I disabled it iirc.

Could look in to doing them again, might be some settings that need adjusted OR the plugin might need to be adjusted.
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