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It probably seems like Swoobles hasn't received any really awesome updates in the past few months, and well, that's because it hasn't. I've actually been very busy working behind the scenes on many Swoobles projects. I wanted to let everyone know my upcoming plans as I have quite a few and I've left most of you in the dark about them.

As some of you know about I've been working on the official Swoobles website. The website will consist of features such as player lookups, player bans, demo logging, demo downloads, player stats, admin list, map stats, admin activity viewing, automatic payments and instant activation for admin etc, the new store, and much more.

Pretty much anyone that visits the forums knows I've been working on a new store for a while now. At first it was supposed to come out July 1st. That didn't happen so I moved the date to August 1st. Sorry everyone, but it's not going to make that date either :(. The reason the store is taking so long is because it relys on the new server database plugins to be finished, the new website to be up, and every current item plugin needs to be remade as well as the new item plugins getting made. I'm not setting a completion date this time because I've already been wrong twice. When it's done it'll be worth it though, I promise!

Something I don't think anyone knows about is I've been working a zombie mod from scratch that will work on both CS:S and CS:GO. The mod itself can be customized to either be a RPG or not. It can even be stripped of the zombie part and used as a mod to just fight each team with special powers. I don't want to release too much information on this yet.

Everyone might have noticed I took the TF2, CS:GO GunGame, and CS:GO Casual server down as well as taking the Minecraft section off the forums. Until all these other major updates and changes are finished I don't even want to think about those servers.

The last big change planned for now is I want to move the server machine. Actually, I plan to to sell the server computer and rent a VPS. The reason for choosing a VPS is for scalability and I won't have to ship my server computer all over the country. The VPS I plan to use is also in Dallas so your pings should stay about the same. The reason for wanting to make this switch is because the DDoS attacks need to stop! With the new host I'll be able to create firewall rules at the switch itself so all malicious packets won't interfere with our servers. The biggest downside to this is the server IP's will change. I'm willing to make that change to stop DDoS attacks once and for all. I'll post more on this later when I'm about to make the change.

Hopefully this clears up why everything is taking so long. It's hard to juggle this many major projects and changes at once!
Its all good man you work really hard on the servers and keeping everyone happy we all appreciate all the hard work and hours you put in to the servers!
couldn't you still pretty much keep the ip such as cause you could dns it?
(07-18-2013, 11:41 AM)Jamacanbacn Wrote: couldn't you still pretty much keep the ip such as cause you could dns it?

Yes, that will stay the same. Steam doesn't save the DNS in the browser list though which means any player unaware of the move would think Swoobles is down. I plan to keep the current servers up for around a month after the move with messages saying to go to the new IP.
Lots of stuff! Keep up the awesomeness!

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