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The future is in good hands

It's that time of the year again for some big changes. You guys probably noticed there has been a ton of maintenance the last few days on the website and game servers, as well as the game servers moving to new IP addresses. Behind the scenes I was moving the web, database, and game servers to new machines. The reason for this is because I've decided to retire as owner from Swoobles. Lately I haven't had nearly as much time as I need to properly run the community and after so many years, day after day of running things, I think it's time for me to move on to something new in life. Fear not though, I will still be around and there are multiple new owners who are super qualified for the position.

I decided to choose new owners based on their past dedication to the community, their finances, and their age. There will be an owner for each server and because of this the work load is much more manageable than it was for me; so it should be no problem for them to keep things running smooth. The owner for jailbreak will be Russian Lightning, the owner for surf will be ArmyJackz, the owner for bhop will be ZZUBYTTIHS, the owner for minigames will be  Yota_Ninja , the owner for pug and course will be monk (which is why he was bumped up admin levels, and will go up again now). Also, Frost is new person in charge of all of the Swoobles code, he is more than capable of this position. All of these guys will have full root admin access.

If you have any ideas for the new owners be sure to get ahold of them, especially if you have any plugin ideas. The Swoobles plugin code is all open source now so if you're up to the task you can directly submit pull requests and either myself, frost, or russian can review them (wink wink hymns, or anyone else that might be capable). Also, if you would like to become an owner of a server Swoobles doesn't have yet you can get in touch with someone in charge (however there are requirements).

Anyway, like I said the new owners are more than qualified for the task and I think they can take Swoobles into a direction I wasn't able to alone. Let's wish them the best!

Congrats to the people who have received their new positions. Also, I hope you can be more active again in the future hl.
See you around bud

And just as i was starting to get around more.
But im always here to help for minigames as usual.
[Image: giphy.gif]
damn this is big, hope you the best of luck in whatever you're doing next in life and let's hope swoobles stays relevant for years to come

p.s. lemme be pug co-owner ;-)
what the heck
"issa bug" monk 2k17
[Image: 7cc9f20f37db5aeb3816670677573650.png]
Interesting... good luck in your future endeavors.
[Image: hVGVLRm.png]
Goodbye Andrew. Sad as fuck to see you go.
goodnight sweet prince.

violin  :sad3:
Well shit.. So when can I buy you that beer I owe ya?

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