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Happy Veteran's Day - Yota_Ninja - 11-11-2016

To all of those who have served before me, and to all of those who have served by my side, I would like to wish a happy Veteran's day to you all.

Feel free to share if you or any of your family members have served this country in this thread.

[Image: R47aeDc.jpg]

RE: Happy Veteran's Day - Burger - 11-11-2016

Thanks yota for doing so much for the country

RE: Happy Veteran's Day - Lucky - 11-11-2016


RE: Happy Veteran's Day - Pavlo - 11-11-2016

sometimes in Arma 3 I feel like I'm at war, prob wouldn't wanna do it irl though but s/o to the people that do

RE: Happy Veteran's Day - Finn - 11-11-2016

[Image: 13627147_10153844157051378_6096705862661...e=58C26862]

This is my cousin who has served in Afghanistan and is now A RCMP.

Appreciate this post due to the family members I have lost in the past.

Happy Remembrance/Veterans Day.

RE: Happy Veteran's Day - grape - 11-11-2016

Thanks yota for your service. Happy Veterans Day.

RE: Happy Veteran's Day - Carpe Diem - 11-11-2016

Thanks for your service guys!

My grandpa server in korea. Greatful even though I never got to meet him.

RE: Happy Veteran's Day - deathschi - 11-11-2016

My great grandfather served in the Navy during WW2. I would like to thank you Yota and everyone else who has served in the armed forces.

RE: Happy Veteran's Day - Big Wet - 11-12-2016

rip friends and strangers alike
thanks people

grandpa one side and he was 1 of 12 and some of them did but I don't really know much about the rest of the family at all

RE: Happy Veteran's Day - Lucky - 11-12-2016

Just to add, a moment of acknowledgement for the veterans who suffer from:

. PTSD and other mental conditions
. Paralysis
. Infections
. Chemical Exposure
. Noise Damage
. Traumatic Brain Injury
. Chronic Muscle Pain
. Lost Limbs
. Poverty

Not easy. Gratitude is always owed.