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[POSTED 2019-06-24] Gavino's Level 1 Application - Gavino - 06-24-2019

Steam Name: Gavino

Current Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:116312885
Global rank and total hours played: #2279 / 108.64 hours played 
Age: 19
Time zone: Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Swoobles Server(s) you most play on: I play on both Course and Bhop, but mainly play Course. I try to jump on KZ from time to time.
What qualifies you for admin on our servers, and what can you bring to the table?: I have been playing Swoobles! for around two months consistently now, and I love the community. There are times when no admins are on and the course server can be very toxic, and I would want to be there in order to make sure that it is an enjoyable environment for all players. I am always friendly with new and current players and enjoy talking with the community. I have past admin experience on other servers and understand the rules completely at Swoobles! I have, in the past two months, tried to enforce the rules to as much of a degree as a non-admin can, and I believe that being an admin would be beneficial for the enjoyable environment that we try to keep on the server. I have made many friends on Swoobles! already and would love to continue to do so while being able to keep the server clean of toxicity and rule-breaker to the best of my ability as a Level 1 admin.
Have you been server banned before on Swoobles? (If yes, why? What have you done to change?): I have never been banned.
Have you been admin before on Swoobles? (if so, why was it removed?): I have never been an admin on Swoobles! before.
Link to previous application(s) (all of them!): n/a (first application)
Have you read and understood the rules? Yes, I have.

RE: [POSTED 2019-06-24] Gavino's Level 1 Application - AyantwanGG.TTV - 06-24-2019


I’ve known Gavino since I truly started playing on Swoobles, and he’s always been kind and helpful to me, as well as all of the other players on the server. His rule knowledge is top notch, and he’s always active. He’d make a perfect lvl1 admin!

RE: [POSTED 2019-06-24] Gavino's Level 1 Application - Bluee - 06-24-2019


Gavino is never toxic, he's always welcoming and helpful to all players, and he has great rule knowledge. He is and would continue to be a great leader in the community. 

Good luck man!

RE: [POSTED 2019-06-24] Gavino's Level 1 Application - jim - 06-25-2019


Seems like he wants to help. Good guy would make a nice admin

RE: [POSTED 2019-06-24] Gavino's Level 1 Application - hotdoggy - 06-25-2019

Wondered why I saw a new face on bhop. You seem friendly and helpful, and I think you could be a good level one. Hope to play with you some more. Ps a good way to help out as a non admin and even as a level 1, @ in the discord when something is happening you cant control. Ie mutes kicks bans etc

RE: [POSTED 2019-06-24] Gavino's Level 1 Application - Grilled Mayonaise - 06-28-2019

Good guy and knowledgable of the rules I think you could make a good level 1.
Good luck Smile

[POSTED 2019-06-24] Gavino's Level 1 Application - Yota_Ninja - 07-02-2019


Congratulations! If you have any questions, please feel free to PM myself or any other Lead admin.

Please make sure you read this thread thoroughly before using your commands on our servers. This outlines the expectations for our admins, as well as the commands available to you at your current level.