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[POSTED 2019-05-24] Lead Application - Boop - Boop - 05-24-2019

Steam Name: Boop

Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:61640310

Current level and desired level: 3 looking for a promotion to lead

Server(s) you most play on: jb and bhop but join all servers often

Why you deserve to be promoted: i have a lot of experience as lead already, i spent 3 years with the rank and i say i used it very well. I was demoted due to inactivity and after spending almost a year gone i returned in full swing and havent given up since.
I have shown dedication to swoobles and am looking to be here till the flame dies down as i have built many friendships and i understand a lot of fellow admins look up to me. I genuinely enjoy being a influence in this community, i would really like to help out more through forums, on servers, and discord. And as with my other applications i will never say i deserve this, i know there are many great candidates for these open spots and would love to see them move up. I dont want to move up just because i had a spot before, please promote the people who actually deserve this and put their care in to make swoobles a better place. Good luck to all.

Link to previous application(s) (all of them!): https://swoobles.com/forums/thread-3959.html https://swoobles.com/forums/thread-11042.html https://swoobles.com/forums/thread-11316.html

RE: [POSTED 2019-05-24] Boop lead application - UrLostDog - 05-24-2019


Boop is an AMAZING admin and always excercises the best admining practices when on our servers. He is a friend to most everyone on our servers and has formed deeper relationships with some of the admin team. Boop is a great leader and others learn alot from him. I believe he is qualified for this position and can handle it with no problem.

Good luck!

RE: [POSTED 2019-05-24] Boop lead application - BriskIcedTea - 05-24-2019


You're an amazing level 3 with great potential for Lead. You have the experience and expertise for the job and you would be a great choice for this position.


RE: [POSTED 2019-05-24] Boop lead application - jim - 05-24-2019


Already been lead and a very understanding admin. Has the experience to do amazingly.

RE: [POSTED 2019-05-24] Boop lead application - luck - 05-24-2019


Boop is by far my best choice for lead, very key reasons is that he used to be a lead for a very long time and is already used to communicating with leads and using his lead powers correctly, he has skills no other level 3 right now can possible have. boop uses his commands very well, when there is discord calls he is almost instantly on and i really do hope this wont change if you get lead because it would be amazing to have a lead as great as that

RE: [POSTED 2019-05-24] Boop lead application - Ricky - 05-24-2019

+1 By far the best option. Already has the experience and every other quality I personally look for in a lead. Very good friend, even better admin. Very recognizable, and very mature. I'd love to see you as admin again.

RE: [POSTED 2019-05-24] Boop lead application - Lukrious - 05-24-2019

+0 happy to see that you are applying for lead. from what I remember you were pretty much a lead without having the power. You're mind set was very good and you were always using commands to stop rule breakers. You also took your job as level 3 very seriously. Good luck!

RE: [POSTED 2019-05-24] Boop lead application - KDP - 05-24-2019


Already experienced, smart, nice. ‘Nuff said. If you and Ricky don’t get the jailbreak lead spots, I would be disappointed.

RE: [POSTED 2019-05-24] Boop lead application - Big Wet - 05-24-2019

+0 you and highlander are far and above the best choices

I love everyone and if either of you need insight or help I welcome you to contact me. I'll probably stop using the forums in the near future, so you'll need to find me first!

RE: [POSTED 2019-05-24] Boop lead application - Grilled Mayonaise - 05-24-2019


super helpful player very active and he deserves lead