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Ravenfield - Rush3r - 04-07-2019

Ravenfield: Basically a polygon Battlefield with a huge community of modders

https://store.steampowered.com/app/636480/ - Actual copy of game

https://steelraven7.itch.io/ravenfield - If you do not want to buy it and do not care for an update version/mods use this link.

I know it's single-player; it's still very fun nevertheless. I started around Beta 5 and have continued on from there since. When you find the perfect amount of modifications, it really makes a difference and makes the game EXTREMELY fun. Using the slow-motion feature is also a + for the game.

RE: Ravenfield - jim - 04-07-2019

Bruh this is basically deip.io lmao who else played that.

Thanks for this rusher

RE: Ravenfield - Kinder egg - 04-07-2019

I remember playing this shit. It was aight