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[POSTED 2018-10-01] bad's level 3 promo - bad - 10-01-2018

Steam Name: bad

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:129215342

Current level and desired level: 2 -> 3

Server(s) you most play on: Jailbreak, Course, Minigames

Why you deserve to be promoted:
  • I've become more and more active, and with my long-running as level 2, I think I have fully understood my commands and could better help the server with level 3. I've learned to take fast initiative on situations on JB and Course, and have done so as well when tagged in Discord or Steam PMed.
  • I've helped many level 1s and 2s learn their commands and how to deal with situations and have also privatively talked to casuals about their actions and how they can change. I've had past admins and burdens come to me and I think I've handled those discussions in a way to better the player.
  • I'm very active on the forums, I frequently reply to apps as I can and have looked out for applying players on the servers who have asked me to rep them. I've also entered discussions on Discord regarding punishments, command use, and rules.
  • I've brought to the attention of Leads the actions of badmins who were then demoted or stripped.
  • I've seen many people tagging level 3s on Discord with no result for hours, with my activity I could quickly respond. I've also had situations where I've had to 3 day mute/gag someone who deserved a longer punishment but there were no online level 3s.
  • TL;DR: I think I would benefit from level 3 commands because of my activity and general server knowledge, cutting my need to tag level 3s in discord for assistance.

Link to previous application(s) (all of them!):

RE: [POSTED 2018-10-01] bad's level 3 promo - vibezz - 10-01-2018

+0 bad is a great admin he is very active knows the rules very well and is just a nice and well likable person.

RE: [POSTED 2018-10-01] bad's level 3 promo - KDP - 10-01-2018


Great admin with lots of experience and knows how to appropriately handle most if not all situations. He is very calm when dealing with other players and acts appropriately so the situation does not escalate.

I am certain he will prosper with level 3.

Good luck

RE: [POSTED 2018-10-01] bad's level 3 promo - NickJBL - 10-02-2018

+0 one of my fav admins, is kind and friendly to all. Uses his commands whenever needed. An all round cool dude, GL. (he kinda looks like Frankie MacDonald)

RE: [POSTED 2018-10-01] bad's level 3 promo - Trimerous - 10-03-2018


Great admin that is very helpful to everyone. Calm in almost all situations, has tons of experience already. Very friendly and welcoming as well.

Good Luck

RE: [POSTED 2018-10-01] bad's level 3 promo - Ricky - 10-06-2018

Another person I can't sadly +1 due to my inactivity, however I'll be trying to get on this week to give him a much deserved +1. Was waiting for your app for a while as well. Similar to moontube he's very respected and can handle the server on his own, even with the limited commands.

RE: [POSTED 2018-10-01] bad's level 3 promo - Tickle - 10-07-2018


Time played might be subpar but I think that you're the best level 2 that we currently have. During the time of the purge, there were talks about people that would be best suited to be promoted (opposite of the purge) and you were one of the few that were mentioned. You're a good admin that knows how to use his commands and alert the higher levels when you need help.

RE: [POSTED 2018-10-01] bad's level 3 promo - Chrono - 10-07-2018


Calm, collected and Steadfast.
Knowledge is perfect as far as I can see.
Only brings positivity to PUG games also. 

I do not see any other level 2 candidate as deserving for this promotion, from the bottom of heart, good luck.

RE: [POSTED 2018-10-01] bad's level 3 promo - Big Wet - 10-07-2018

Neutral because I've been inactive.

In my experience you admin well. You can make a player you're punishing understand why he's being punished without being an asshole, even if he's being a huge asshole.

You aren't afraid to use commands, aren't afraid to volunteer advice, and aren't afraid to ask and answer questions. I hope lower levels look up to you, because your behavior should be emulated.

RE: [POSTED 2018-10-01] bad's level 3 promo - Lil Uzi Vert - 10-07-2018


Bad is an outstanding level two and would only benefit from level three commands. He is active, understands the rules, knows how to enforce the rules, and can explain situations if needed. I am excited to see what good he could bring to the server