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Pistol/Forcebuy Rounds - Heroesblood - 06-09-2018

I love playing Retake but sometimes, when the Swoobles's one is dead i go on other servers and I've seen they have pistol rounds/ Force buy rounds and I think they would be a great addition to the server I find them real fun to play. And always just playing Rifles rounds can become boring quick for me.

 I would really like to see them added to the server.

RE: Pistol/Forcebuy Rounds - Divii - 06-09-2018

Also could we please have a menu to choose pistols? I wanna deag you know

RE: Pistol/Forcebuy Rounds - Death Bowl - 06-09-2018

Sounds like a good idea and as divi said add a menu. also maybe just sniper rounds too?