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Return of the Store! - Yota_Ninja - 02-19-2018

The wait is finally over!

The long awaited return of the Swoobles Store is finally here for all to enjoy! You'll notice a nice new shiny "Store" button next to the forums button in the Swoobles header now.

Some great new features:
  • Check how many points you have directly from the website!
  • Purchase items directly from the website!
  • See an example of the item before you buy!
  • Hear the soundclip of an item before you buy!
  • Adjust your loadout from the website!

Just as before, if you have equipped more than one item within the same category, they will rotate upon death. Paintballs will always randomize as you shoot, if you have more than one equipped.

To adjust your loadout, hover over the dropdown with your name in the top right corner of the website, and select, "Store Settings."
If you do not currently own any items, you will see a message stating, "You do not have any items. Head to the store page to purchase some using the points you obtained in-game."
If you do own any amount of items, you will see a list of all items you own. To toggle the items on/off, just click the block next to the item and then click "Save settings" at the bottom.

When you purchase an item from the Store tab, the box around the item will turn white, indicating you now own it.

We'll be tweaking the prices and making adjustments to the store in the weeks to come.

We hope you all enjoy!

Make sure the STEAM ID on the top of the site matches the steam id you wish to buy items for. If it does not, log out of the forums, and sign in with steam using the account you wish to spend the points on.

HUGE shoutout to  hlstriker , because without him, NONE of this would have been possible. Thank you so much!

RE: Return of the Store! - Cookie - 02-19-2018


RE: Return of the Store! - Tickle - 02-19-2018


RE: Return of the Store! - xodus - 02-19-2018

yay i want santa hat

RE: Return of the Store! - Prometheus - 02-19-2018


RE: Return of the Store! - Jaune - 02-19-2018


RE: Return of the Store! - ykciR_ - 02-19-2018

Im happy, but I wish the game and store told me I had the same amount of points. I came on excited to buy my stuff but then was told I didn't have enough Sad

RE: Return of the Store! - sneezing_panda - 02-19-2018


RE: Return of the Store! - GetDemo - 02-19-2018

I wanna be fat

RE: Return of the Store! - m0nster.eXe - 02-19-2018

its great!