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New Server Rules - ArmyJackz - 08-25-2017

The server rules have been updated to create a more friendly environment for everybody to enjoy. Please make sure to read and follow them as admins will be enforcing them right away.

Mute/gag will return for all admin levels, and level 2 and 3 admins will be able to time punish the same as they can now (3 days and 7 days, respectively).

The new server rules:

RE: New Server Rules - Agent69 - 08-25-2017

bind K "say Respect All Players."
bind L "say Don't Spam!"

You're welcome kappa

Remember to tell those who are not forum active of these changes

RE: New Server Rules - Yota_Ninja - 08-25-2017


RE: New Server Rules - aman - 08-25-2017

Nice to see

RE: New Server Rules - Tapn - 08-25-2017



RE: New Server Rules - Sir mister the tomatoes - 08-25-2017

Hell yeah it's about time!

RE: New Server Rules - m0nster.eXe - 08-25-2017


RE: New Server Rules - Chrono - 08-25-2017

Chrono Approves of this message!

RE: New Server Rules - Kinder egg - 08-25-2017

Good message

RE: New Server Rules - hlstriker - 08-25-2017

Put a blank line at the bottom of each rule list :>