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[POSTED 2019-05-24] Lead Application - Ricky

Steam Name: ykciR_

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:176398209

Current level -----> Desired level: Currently level 3, pursuing Lead (level 4)

Servers: Jailbreak, Course, Pug, MG occasionally. (everything except surf and retake honestly.)

Reasons why I feel like I should be promoted: I feel like regardless of the outcome of this app, and others apps, that I just want what is best for Swoobles as a community, as I always have. I started playing in 2015, and couldn't stop ever since. I've tried to model my administrating based on the actions and styles of other admins like Sample, Big Wet, and for lower levels, Chris. I appreciated all of these players beyond their server personas. I take everything to a level past what I see others do. I try to research everything I discuss, and I can promise that my rule knowledge is beyond a lot of our current players. I've read the AMA countless times, as well as the basic rules. However, this isn't to say I don't make mistakes. I agree I have made some, especially back when I first got admin. I've had admin for well over a year now, almost a year as level 3. While I sincerely miss some of those who we've lost over the past few weeks, I maintained a friendship with most, in the hopes I could convince people to still play. I tried my hardest to keep everybody calm, and as we all know it didn't work out as well as we most hoped.

I've dedicated almost 4 years now to the servers, and that's not me trying to say I've been here forever so give me lead. That's me saying that this community has me so engaged that through most of my high school experience, and all of college, I have disregarded the norm of partying every weekend, or going out with friends whenever I got the chance because I was too far intrigued with the community. I've reached out to a few good friends of mine, and explained my feelings on things in the community. I've been gifted so much peace of mind, and honestly some real world knowledge from a lot of our players/staff. My only wish in this community is to give back as it gave me. I have expressed this many times, and it is the most sincere promise I can make. This community brought me out of dark places in the past, whether it be something with school, work, or family. I want to pass that torch and help others now. I'm in a good place, and if I could pass forward what was gifted onto me towards another person? That's everything to me. I love to teach, I try to explain stuff to players as much as humanly possible. I attempt to make relationships with everybody very personal and endearing. 

I was very hesitant to make this, one due to anxiety because of the slim chances of all the applicants actually getting the position, as well as the fear that it may cause animosity amongst peers for those who are promoted. Like previously stated, I felt that the other potential applicants would benefit more potentially from the promotion. A lot of my close friends are no longer with the community, and we need solid people to take the responsibility. I reached out to Yota awhile back when I was potentially moving and wouldn't have normal access to my desktop to see if there was potential to transfer to being just a forum mod, and I could assist with moderation there and potentially with reports. While that may have been moot, as it was unneeded, my interest in assisting in reports hasn't faltered. I remain very interested in assisting players who feel they've been wronged, or finding cheaters. 

JB is my strong suit, I can't lie on that. I've played almost 1000 hours between 3 accounts, only 2 of which are linked for smurf purposes and making sure admins are acting appropriately without knowing I'm there. While that may not have been my place, It's a personal goal of mine to ensure the servers are being properly administrated, and that players aren't being demeaned or belittled. I have reported players/admins before, which personally was one of the most difficult things to do. These people have been friends, some not so much. I understand the process, and wish for nothing more than to assist my fellow higher ups in making sure justice is served and people are properly treated. I'm greeted with happiness any time I log on, which I feel is a great sign. I've always been told I'm creative on the server, especially as a ct/warden. I strive to make rounds new and flow with ease, and I'll put a fuckin rebeller on his ass with an awp if I need to dawg. I also intend fully on maintaining my humor when it comes to my new role if it should happen. 

I don't want to ramble too much longer, and for those reading this far I appreciate it very much. I just wish to speak on some of my personal traits and hobbies. As most of you know, at least those in discord, that I work on an ambulance in a busy city system. I do, and see, a lot of hardship. I have to act as an in between for domestic situations daily, I have to tell people about their dying family members almost daily. I see a lot of very troubling things, like young teenagers involved in gangs. I always try to help these people to the fullest of my abilities. My whole mantra is that if I could potentially change someones life, whether it be that they simply needed reassurance or a hug, that I would try my hardest to make that happen. All of these traumatic events, and depressing scenes have given me the, morbidly speaking, level of maturity I currently have. For my age I have a large sense of life, and a very level head. I wouldn't survive in my job if I didn't. I can decode a situation and develop a plan in seconds, and that split second critical decision making has made my administrating very helpful. 

I feel like for anyone who wants to go as high as a lead in a community, you have to be very personable. I tend to get along with most people, I've made threads about relationships between admins with the intent to improve the toxic atmosphere. Admins are role models, and if we are leading the charge by being assholes to each other, the server is only going to follow that meta. I'm strict on rules, however mainly to players that are deserving of more harsh action. I pride myself on my teaching, like I said earlier. New players tend to gravitate towards me, not only something that I personally notice. I strive to make the server an easy intro to how we play, and what we expect from players. I have experienced a dip in my personality as we all have in the past, where I noticed a change in myself that was negative. However I was quick to change that, and I believe my administrating has never been better. For the longest time I've tried to reform the repping and application process. While I haven't been successful it will always be a goal, and it seems that with this update we may potentially fix most of the issues. 

All in all, I want to wish everyone the best of luck. We have quite a few good people who could handle the responsibility, and I'd be honored to work with any of you, or under any of you in the name of keeping Swoobles as the #1 community. Hl does so much work for this community, let's give back to him and make it popular so all of his work isn't for nothing. My last 3 consecutive apps were approved, without any issue and minimal negative reps. I'd appreciate to keep the trend upward and positive Smile.

My closing statement is this, I will do everything in my power to make Swoobles a fun place to play, and ensure the future is bright. I appreciate any and all feedback on this, and don't hold back if I've wronged you, I'd like to know how to improve everything I do. 
Resume <--- Please read

Past Apps: DENIED DENIED Approved Approved Approved

Good job copy pasting this from google docs. Great rule knowledge and active in discord. I honestly believe you would make a good lead. The only reason i +0 is because i feel there are other better choices. Good luck man
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5th | jimvitational gang
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+0 ricky is active on forums and discord and he is very helpful for people who request help on those devices, though i personally have not seen how he acts on the server so i don't feel comfortable +1ing on his overall skills. although i do wish him luck and think if he gets lead he will do a great job


Honestly you would be a great lead, you truly care about the community and you have very good rule knowledge on jb. You are very dedicated and as you mentioned in your application this is the 4th year on swoobles for you. I would trust you to lead people in this community and I think you could do a lot of good with even more power on the servers. You are a very active player on the servers, the forums and the discord. You enforce rules and help people that doesn´t understand them.

ily rickster

[Image: Friends-arena_500x250_2-f4d0935e78.png]
+0 Ricky is a very friendly player and cares deeply about this community. He always puts a smile on my face whenever I'm on the servers. Ricky takes his current role as level 3 very seriously from what I remember. I'm looking forward to playing more and giving another rep. Good Luck!

I remember purge era I used to argue with you because you didn’t seem to care about the rules. You’ve clearly undergone a change of heart and you care a lot about the community. You can use your brain (unlike some other applicants) and I think you’d do great.

Good luck friend Smile
Ricky has always been an exemplary admin, he is very fun but still administrative. He goes out of his way to help other admins, and I constantly see him mediating. Which is a pretty important skill for a lead. I think Ricky has a very mature attitude, while not coming off too harshly, hes a great mediator, and he always offers good input to solving issues between players and even server problems sometimes. I think Ricky would make a great lead mainly for his dedication to the community. He has always been there, for the community, hes never been (in my mind) just here to play the games and have fun, he is always trying to help, and hes quite involved. Which I think is very important. Good luck ricky

Although I believe Boop and Highlander are better choices, you're still a very great level 3. No negatives about you; you care about the servers a lot and it shows, trust me.

You and highlander have always been mature, and role models for the server. I haven't really had play time with you, but you're well deserving of lead admin. You are a great admin to have on jb and knows just about every rule.
[Image: giphy1_zpslja5f1gb.gif]

Mature, well spoken and calm. Never hesitates to bring elaborate input on different issues and always does his best to clear out ambiguities. Ricky likes this community, and it shows.
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