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[POSTED 2019-04-24] Ski's Admin Application

Please take all further discretion's into pms. If you want to discuss someones rep on your app, do so in pms.
Neutral (Cannot rep because no playtime)

I saw you arguing with an admin and not being a nice person (On discord), If you were to become admin you should treat your peers with respect and if you don't like them ignore them!
I don't really know the backround to this situation but that seems kinda rude if you ask me... I would not like someone like that maybe even saying that to a regular player or a new player because that makes the server more toxic and less players will want to play.
So please be more respectful to others and lets be able to take criticism instead of just flaming back at the person.

I have just found some backround and the admin has made a mistake but you should still try to be more mature and same with the other admin in this case telling you to suck his penis and whatnot. This rep might not make much sense because i am very tired but hopefully you can get something out of this.

The main tip is please try to be respectful and mature!

Good luck
Just Because You're Special Doesn't mean You're Useful!
+bump need more feedback Smile

I havent played course with you but you seem to have the serioussness and the maturity of an admin. You lack a small amount of experience about admin applications but u will probably learn throughout the 45 days waiting time. If you included jailbreak, this would be a -0.5 due to insufficient rule knowledge. But u have a solid approach to admin applications and Im sure you will gain lvl 1 from more play time and communication on discord and wherever else.

Keep asking for help and learn more about the process of admin applications and keep upthe solid attitude.

[Image: giphy.gif]

I was on course earlier and this dude was not toxic at all. He was the first to help me out when I asked a question and he was very enjoyable to be around. I know there can be quite a bit of mischievous players on the servers as stated by luck. However, you don't have to completely disassociate yourself with them, only when things are getting out of hands. If your friends are starting to act negatively and break rules, just don't join them and do your best to calm things down.

Leads, feel free to delete this next part of my rep if you want. I know there was a heated back and forth argument already about this on this app, but I feel like it is necessary I come out and defend this applicant on his rep because false accusations are being made against him and it would not be fair to just leave mint's rep as if it was stating the truth.

(04-27-2019, 12:39 AM)mints Wrote: mint's rep

This rep right here is complete bullshit. I skimmed every single demo of him on jailbreak up to the given 'incident' and not once did I see him flame a player. He was playing the game quietly and respectfully and I never saw him give another player a hard time.

There were two incidents on the third map which he was killed and did not understand why he was killed, which is fair considering it was his third map of jailbreak ever. The first situation warden died right after giving the order, "go to the green ring and freeze." Ski, likely not knowing either warden died or that he needs to remain frozen when warden dies, walked to the green ring and was shot and killed. The second situation is when warden made T's play surf, took the first 5, and a clueless guard accidentally lost count and allowed Ski (6th finished) to go into the green ring, which he was shot afterwards. Both of these are not freekills, but it's fair to assume a new player would not know that.

Surprisingly, ski was not toxic during any of this. He used freekill once in which he stated what he did (which was completely accurate) up to when he died. Not once did he try to misconstrue information and deceive the admins - everything he stated was true and clearly he was just confused about why he died. Mints is trying to portray ski in a negative light and claimed he was using freekill with bad intentions, which is anything but true.

Admins were not helpful at all in these incidents. In the first incident, the admins were discussing why ski was killed in the first place. Not only did they actually justify it with the wrong reasoning in admin chat (said he was going for a gun, which he wasn't), but they didn't even provide an explanation to him. He even politely asked mints at the start of the next round why he was killed, which no admin responded to either.

The second situation the guards (including admins) were arguing over whether he was freekilled or not, because a pardoned player came back to stack and they were unsure if he was part of the five. Minutes after, an admin falsely 1upped ski. Ski continued to play the round, showing absolutely no hostility towards Mints or any other guard despite, for two rounds in a row, being killed and not even being given a reason why. Its understandable that he continued to defend himself on this app because the admin 1upped him, which would make him think he was correct.

Next round all he literally said "Mints is toxic, I'm out" and left. Mints proceeded to announce to the server that he was going to -rep ski, which is completely unnecessary and immature.

Mint's rep in no way is helpful feedback for the applicant and does not express the truth. It is simply an inaccurate recollection of events that is exaggerated and changed because he likely has a vendetta against this player. Mints, if anyone is the liar in this situation it's you.

I know how ski acted on discord and on this app should be condemned, but at the same time I can't blame him. He was a new player learning a new gamemode, and twice he was killed and very confused about it. He never got a single explanation from any of the multiple admins on at the time. He was blatantly lied about in mint's rep and giving a negative rating for something that happened on a server he had little to no experience on, and had no plans on administrating. At that point I can't blame him for going off, I would have been just as mad if I was him, and now he likely won't get admin because of it. It is a shame how things played out for this player, but I hope this at least provides some clarification to what happened and helps explain why ski acted like he did.

Ski, if anything, how you managed to not freak out during those two rounds shows me you have the patience and understanding it takes to be an admin. You probably won't get it this time just based on how the application has gone so far, but if you apply again I'll likely continue to give you my support.

Good luck

The entire time I've known ski he has never been a problem nor have I seen him be toxic, He has the rule knowledge for someone who mainly only plays Course, and he's always trying to help new players who have problems. 

He can definitely handle the responsibility of a lvl 1 admin.

He's been getting into JB recently and actively trying to learn how it works. learn the JB rules, and asking me questions when he is unsure about a rule or term used in JB.

Ski if you don't make it in this app I believe you can make it next time.

~Good Luck
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[Image: l12Ca6q.png]
Neutral - good luck with your COURSE admin app

When I first played Swoobles JB I was already one of the oldest players.

I read all the rules after a couple confusing rounds. I easily understood all of the written rules.

My first week of jailbreak was constant frustration, constant confusion as to why I died, and inattentive admins giving me explanations meant for other players.

One of the reasons I consider myself a good admin is because I treated every player with low hours like a new player, even if they are skilled at csgo (bhop/aim, obvious jb experience, etc) I have written it ALL over the forums. Remember what it was like when YOU started. There is SO MUCH INFORMATION in the rules alone. Before the map knowlege, player specific nuance, etc. Starting JB SUCKZ. Check someone's hours. Make them love Jb and want to learn. This guy sounds cool, do you want to push him away from JB?
JB is toxic and pedantic dude, but don't worry about the munchkins. Stay calm on servers and passively learn and you can make big waves.

If you're not too offput from JB feel free to add me on steam. I'll answer any and every question you have. I had a lot of influence on the current rules, and I'm good at explaining not just what should happen or how, but why the rule was made that way.

And if you act as kindly and curious (appropriately) in admin chat as you did, and have reasonable questions ignored, definitely add me. We'll get your answers, and figure out why you had to go off server to get them.
[Image: gE35etN.gif]
+0 Due to my own negligence and misunderstanding, with the help of Ouchi, we found that the demo was bugged which lead to my initial rep confusion. Any of the reps pertaining to him being toxic or lying are false, and that's 100% on me. I'm gunna request you play more jailbreak, and like I said in discord, message me if you have any questions. I'm really apologetic that this all kind of ruined your app, but I want you to prove to everyone that you'd be a great admin. You fought for your case tooth and nail, and in the end were right, and that's the kind of tenacity we want for our admins.

I’m hardly on with Ski not due to his inactivity but mainly since I’m on other swoobles servers at the time (such as bhop) but what I can say about the times i am with him I haven’t seen him be toxic before and haven’t had any problems with him myself. I find him fun to play with and he’s normally a calm and friendly person overall. So in my opinion I feel like he would be able to handle the lvl1 tasks.
[Image: Kwcqt9S.png]

We have little playtime, you might not even know me however Ricky has really hit the nail on the head above.

Just viewing this whole situation this week, you’ve earned not only my respect but a lot of credibility as a strong admin candidate. You should pat yourself on the back from sticking to your guns and not bowing down to anyone when you’re right - that’s the attitude we need.

Good luck moving forward.
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