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[POSTED 2018-12-13] Admin Application

Steam Name: Bliv/Karen

Current Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:104341460

Global rank and total hours played: Global rank - #289 | Total hours played - 569.51

Age: 15

Time zone: EST

Swoobles Server(s) you most play on: Jailbreak, Course, Pug

What qualifies you for admin on our servers, and what can you bring to the table?: Firstly, I have an excellent grasp of the basic rules, although I am still practicing some of the more complex rules. Secondly, I am extremely active on the Swoobles servers, and you would know this if you've played on the servers recently. Thirdly, I am willing to help members of the community whenever I can. Also, I am highly interactive within the community and on the servers.

Have you been server banned before on Swoobles? (If yes, why? What have you done to change?): Twice, one of them a macro ban, the other a map exploiting ban. I've removed the macro ever since and I've learned my lesson from the map exploiting ban, now that I report exploits/bugs when I find any.

Have you been admin before on Swoobles? (if so, why was it removed?): -

Link to previous application(s) (all of them!): -

Have you read and understood the rules? Yep.
+0 bliv has a great rule knowledge on every server he plays on, he is friendly, active and would be a great lvl1.

Freaking amazing dude. Better rule knowledge than some admins. I don't think that semi-recent map exploitation should be held against you imo. Good luck!

Bliv has great rule knowledge and really deserves lvl 1. He is also one of the most active players I have ever seen.

although bliv can be annoying some times i think he has a firm grasp of the rules of our servers, hes decently active and is a really fun person to talk to. I definitely think he could handle level 1 commands and the responsibility that come with admin. although he should quit that bad british server >Sad

Sorry, you're fun to play with and talk to, but in your app, you said that you have read and understood all of the rules. You applied for admin for jailbreak, course, and pug, which there are individual rules for each. On course today, you showed that you don't really know what is considered as delaying. You were one of 3 people alive. Two people, including you, had finished the map and you delayed until after everyone else died, then you chose to die. On top of that, you choose to delay almost every round so that you can type to talk to people. You should either use your mic, die so you can type to people, or just not type while you are still alive and wait until you die. No offense, but I wouldn't trust someone with slap & slay on course if they don't know what counts as delaying. 
[Image: 8kdVDYR.png]
+0 Bliv is super active on jailbreak course and pug . Also he knows his rule.
[Image: ElaborateMealyGermanshepherd-max-1mb.gif]
+1 Very active across most of the swoobles servers, is kind and talkative while online. I have not seen him break any rules, and seems to have proficient knowlege on the rules. Would make a great admin.
Basically what nick and luck said. Knows his rules and is known to players, I think bliv should get a chance at level 1

Nice guys knows his rules really active jokes around in a friendly/funny way can handle level 1.

and Spider...

I think your rep was a little iffy cause it was one time and he clearly knows not to do it again because multiple people told him and he has never done it again after that whenever im on my main or my alt. It was clearly a 1 time mistake that wont happen again and for the typing thing i think its fine, just because he doesnt have a mic or choses not to use and and types doesnt make a difference if he is fast with it while alive i think its fine and if he is the last one alive he usually doesnt type to others, sometimes i dont feel like talking because i lose my voice and or have a soar throat and i talk to people even when i am the last one alive it doesnt make that much of a difference.

I know i shouldnt really be putting this here but i will forget to do this in the future + bliv is a great guy and pretty liked throughout the community i think it would be wrong if he did not get admin!

Good luck bliv!! luv you lots

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