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[POSTED 2017-01-28] Level 3 Admin App

I agree with Tickle here, Grape, recognize that the people who you look up to and dickride are more passive agressive than Finn could ever be. Level 3s and leads and all that are really big dicks most of the time and you seem to not think of that as bad? I actually like leads being dicks cause it's fun to see people like Grape who is emotional and cares just the slightest about a person's attitude and not care at all because, oh wait? they're fucking leads.

Finn is honestly a good person for the community, fits right in with all the other level 3s that can handle difficult situations and knows how to not lose control.
+0 you're a good admin, but do please try and lose the shitty attitude towards everyone. We're all on the same team here
A lot of disagreements and agreements

I agree with deathschi and disagree with grape and burger. I haven't played a lot recently cuz of school but Finn is in my opinion one of the best admins here. He is always helpful to people. I mean I know he can be 'disrespectful' to people but he never means it. I always see you on shoutbox helping everyone who needs help so Good luck buddy. I never expected -1s.
[Image: WahNEDdlGjRZ.gif]

Played with you over the past couple of months and I can say that its just a bit of jokes. Grape I have to disagree with you since hes been a good admin and even though he didn't do any of that why should you care. It doesn't change his admining skills just by the tone of his attitude. Anyways finn you would make a good lvl 3. Goodluck
[Image: ovODlCne5B876.gif]

I 100% agree with deathschi and tickle. Your a great admin and a great player. You might "disrespect" a little but I find it more like playing around and having fun.
[Image: giphy.gif]
(01-29-2017, 01:52 PM)graPe Wrote:
(01-29-2017, 05:21 AM)Finn Wrote: Friendship: I feel like I've made so many friends here on the Swoobles community. This is the best place for anyone to feel welcome and there are many loving, funny, and goofy people in this community. Yes, it's cheesy but I love you all.

Reputation: I feel like I have a good reputation for myself. I'm recognized by most players and know the community. People don't see me as "cancer" or mean or anything bad. When I'm on the servers I feel like people enjoy my presence. Yes people say "mean" things to me when I'm on, but I know they're joking! (I hope)


These two statements bother me. You feel like you've made so many friends? So you've just stopped there? You seem to be the kind of person who is losing friends on here, you always find some way to be disrespectful to someone and hurt someone in some way. You can't go around and be a dick to people and then write that you love everyone on your application. Same thing with "reputation". I know that I don't enjoy your presence, and I'm sure some other people don't too. You're constantly looking for ways to just passive-aggressively hurting someone's feelings. I feel like whenever I say something around you (mostly on forums), it has to be wrong but you won't just say it's wrong. You'll find a way to say something about it to make me know it's wrong but also feel like an idiot for thinking it. The last thing I want to say is that you're horrible on shoutbox, whenever I'm looking at shoutbox and you're there it's always you being a dick. I don't think I've opened up shoutbox and seen one positive thing from you there, only putting people down and you being a douche. I'm not trying to be mean Finn, but this is what I see from you and I hope you can change that. You were such a cool guy back before admin and when you were level 1, but something must have got to your head when you got level 2, and I think giving you level 3 could just worsen that.


You're disrespectful, you need to change that. Stop being passive aggressive on forums and in-game.

Grape I get where you are coming from buy honestly I don't think it's as bad as you say it is.... you and burger both seem to be basing his behavior off the past month where arguably he was a little cranky and there can be times when surprise surprise he's a human being and gets cranky. Or something is going on in his personal life and it just happens to leak out.
HOWEVER, that isn't in anyway, not in my opinion at least deserving of a -1 maybe a neutral at best. By that logic, Yota should not only have gotten demoted by now for being a "badmin" but shouldn't have gotten admin to begin with. Literally this complaint is a wholesome cover of the majority of the high level admins.
You SHOULD be basing your rep based on how he is in-game and how he actually preforms as an admin. In my opinion he does pretty well, he's active a lot and he uses his commands properly and when needed. There were several times when he would beat me to a command like aborting and lr or 1uping, and I trust him to ctban people properly and not have "60" as his reason and the kid gets a perm ban.... ( not saying that people who do that are bad admins I get mistakes happen ).

I used to also -1 people for their attitude, and I still think it's valid to SOME degree especially to those trying to get level 1. But seeing how well he does his job in game I feel that he's allowed one month where he is cranky....
But that's just me and you know my teal color automatically means my opinion is null right????

love you burger and grape btw <3 kisses*
is a very respected member of this community. he is the apeX of what an admin should bE. Regardless of what other people thInk of him, he definitely Strikes out as an exemplary admIn because he always uses hiS commAnds and helps other, mostly new playeRs. adding to that, hE definiTely helped me when I wAs a new admin. i Remember not knowing commanDs a lot and he always helped me, he taught me how to ban people with console.
sorry for the weird formatting im on my phone
[Image: hVGVLRm.png]
Sometimes you seem to sit back, sometimes you go all out. I find you taking a side in an argument a lot and refusing to budge from that side, which can become annoying if there is an unclear rule or situation. I do agree with some comments that you are "disrespectful", but what is fine and what is not? Honestly, I don't know.

IMO, going out of the way to insult someone is not something I want to see in an admin (I am not saying you do or do not do this). For anyone repping, keep in mind that people can say what they want, and you do have self mute. Also keep in mind that admins do represent the community.

Seeing people go back and forth in admin apps is very unproductive, spammy, and annoying.
For the sake of people reading through the app use some alternate form of communication for clarifacaiton.
You can PM users on the forums here.
You can pm people on steam: You can find accounts hereherehere, and search players names here.

There is also a report button, if you want to bring a rep that you find inappropriate in front of the forum mods just click report and type out your concerns.

Finally, if for whatever reason anyone wants to bitch at me, you can add me on steam or pm me on the forums. I will NOT respond to anyone that responds to this rep in this thread.
If you want to flame each other, take it to pms.
+0 finn is a cool dude and a good admin from what I'm seeing but I haven't played enough with you lately to give an actual rep. I played with him today and he seemed really compare to what you guys are saying. But that is Only based on like the 2h we played together today. best of luck on this one!
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