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Full Version: Store, donations, and Chicago
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Most everyone knows the Swoobles store has been removed. If you didn't know.. now you do. The main reason the store was removed was because it took people forever to download all the server files and we lost a lot of potential players because of that. With the store removed all of the new players will now connect about 15 times faster than before. The download size went from around 300~ megabytes down to 20~ megabytes.

Removing the store also gave me a chance to rework our donation system since the old donation system was pretty much built with the store in mind. Your old store points and item's worth have been converted into coins which you can use to purchase donator status. Right now the only way to get new coins is to donate towards the servers. The cost of donator status is either 10 coins for a single server or a deal of 25 coins for every server. The donator status perks are server specific and vary between them. Check the perks out here if you haven't already.

Last October I made a news post describing five changes that would be coming in the nearish future. Those changes were the store being removed, the donation system being reworked, seasons being removed, a new website, and the servers moving to Chicago. Four of the five changes have been completed and now all that's left to do is to move the servers back to Chicago. So, I plan to have the servers being moved to Chicago hopefully within the next 30 days. I'm going to start by moving the Jailbreak, Minigames, and Course servers. If all goes well I will then move the Bhop, KZ, and Surf servers.

I have decided I'm not going to move the Surf DM and 1v1 server to Chicago. Surf DM and 1v1 will be shut down once the rest of the servers move. The reason for this is because those two servers cannot sustain themselves through donations. Additionally, the 1v1 server has never really had many players that care to be a part of the community, and the Surf DM server has a buggy mod running on it. On a positive note the Minigames server will be bumped up to 128 tick after the move.

Now comes the time I get to beg for a few extra donations (shoutbox users told me to, so I am). To move the servers I'm going to have to be paying for two server bills in the month they are moved -- one bill for the old servers and one for the new. The cost is going to be around $200 extra so any money you can throw towards the move would be greatly appreciated. If you're feeling generous you can head over to the donation page and get yourselves some coins out of it.

Oh yeah, the pug server is back! Thanks Yota and Monster :>

it was my decision for all of dis.
128 tick on minigames holyshit its a god damn good day
(03-19-2017, 03:56 AM)boppin Wrote: [ -> ]128 tick on minigames holyshit its a god damn good day

hopefully this will populate minigames like back in the good old days haha
Will get money. Will donate. Must donate.
128 Tick in all of its glory.

Cant wait to rekt you all. Wink
rip aman the only 1vs1 admin left in existence
if possible maybe JB can get back to at least 64 tick?

I know it's dank for bhop right now but hitboxes are kinda wonk

I like most of the changes, but I miss rainbows coming out of my butt
ty striker for all ur work heres some money $$
(03-19-2017, 01:28 PM)Big Wet Wrote: [ -> ]if possible maybe JB can get back to at least 64 tick?

I'm going to start it out as 64. You might want to start praying it's stable though.
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