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Full Version: New website launched - Still under construction
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The new Swoobles website has finally launched. You will notice the design has completely changed and there are now many more features throughout the site. Not all of the site features are live yet as I want to push things out one by one and tackle any bugs that will surely come up. The design itself is not completely finished either and the logo you see now is temporary. If you find any bugs or have any suggestions to what is already launched please let me know.

You will also notice the Lead and High Council group has been merged and is now called "Mythical". The admin colors for the forums will also need to be changed so they look better against the new design. I figured I'd let you guys come up with the colors as long as the colors feel right with the associated admin level.

Additionally, the movement skill servers should now have accurate speed measurements, so for anyone that plays on those servers please let me know if it's still broken.

Have fun finding new features of the site.

New logo looks fresh but the white is burning my eyes
keep up the good work!
bring back forum stars!
Looks good so far my dude.
Level 3 color should be red or purple. DOWN WITH THE ELITIST HIGH COUNCIL!!
we now can use the black text! please change the background from eye bleeding white.
(02-22-2017, 04:47 PM)Finn Wrote: [ -> ]we now can use the black text! please change the background from eye bleeding white.
my eyes Sad like the new look tho
Maybe make t a more eggshell white.

But I love the new design, seems more friendly to he eye.
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