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Full Version: idk how much im gonna be on this week.
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So my desktop is shit and all the files and stuff is fucked and it can't find internet to the router thats hooked up to it so idk if I will be very active in the following weeks but if I get my computer fixed to the point it will allow me to go on steam and not be offline I will be on. The main problem is the administrator password doesn't work. But hopefully i'll have my new computer setup.

(I posted this from a laptop.)
So you're desktop is the problem or your connection to the router? I'd like to help. If you've tried the default password without luck, then reset your router by holding the power button down for like 30 seconds or so. Once it comes up, plug directly into the router, go to your default gateway, then try to authenticate. If that doesn't work, let me know the model of the router. I may be able to find/verify the default password.

Side note, do other devices connect to the router and access the internet without problem?
my laptop connects to the router and my phone and my internet is fine on them.
Are you on wifi or wired?

When you are connected, check the connection speed by looking at your network adapters connection speed and post it here.

Run a speedtest if possible.

Try a usb wifi adapter if you are on wifi and have one.
I think I have a pretty good idea of what's wrong.
Based off Moops questions he does too :p

Can't speak for him but I'll be home at 830 est if you wanna poke me on teamspeak or something.

Just want to confirm you are wired (ethernet) to the router? You can boot, but cannot access your c:/ drive?
umm my mom's boyfriend told me a bunch of files went corrupt and the hardrive is pretty much fucked. He just said the files are missing. Everytime i hit the internet thing in the bottom right it just says there is a missing file and im not really good with computers. He just said hes gonna take 2 other computers and take the hardrive out of one and setup soon so i prob wont be on for like 2 weeks max.
Did you try starting in safe mode and running disc repair options?
did you try turning it off and on again?
(11-26-2016, 02:05 AM)aman Wrote: [ -> ]did you try turning it off and on again?

that fixes all my problems. including my life.
I mean, wouldnt u get more help if this was able to be seen by everyone?
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