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Full Version: hello final
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hey why is there so many french people on the server  morning coffee hello im back fam
Uh what? Is this an introduction or some kind of hate thread?
its a introduction im just saying
You're just saying what? And this is in no way an introduction.
Are you aware of the book Outsiders?
(07-19-2016, 07:41 PM)Finn Wrote: [ -> ]Are you aware of the book Outsiders?
That was his old signature. 

welcome back my dude gimme a dlore
Well hello.
lol you could have worded that better to sound less shitty like
"hey guys im back! i was wondering if this server was in quebec or something due to the amount of french ppl on the server am i right"
idk you came off kinda rude so i understand where yota is coming from :>

but nonetheless, welcome
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