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Full Version: How To View Demos 2.0 (Video Inside)
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When linking a demo to your report, follow these screenshots.
Each screenshot shows me right clicking a link, and highlighting which command you need to use to get the proper URL for the demo.
[Image: Mgxlf8b.png]

[Image: b5eFu8R.png]

Edge (Yes some people actually use this still)
[Image: fHtrv60.png]

Finding the demo you were punished in
Step 1) Find your SteamID
Step 2) Enter it into the Swoobles player database
Step 3) Click on the text that says "Punishments: View timed punishments"
Step 4) Find your punishment in the list. Following this, find the "Demo" column at the top. Click on the time that is shown there - that is the time in the demo when the ban occurs!
For an example of steps three and four, you can view: https://gyazo.com/cb1b978d98dc34dd4b2a924e16099dab
Step 5) Can't spectate a player? Find their steam64id and use the console command spec_player_accountid
Very nice and easy to follow! Thank you for updating the tutorial to something more clean :>
Updated the video, removed dead links, and updated the screenshots for copying the link address for a demo.