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Full Version: [POSTED 2016-03-12] Wi9c Admin Application
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Steam Name: Wi9c

Steam IDConfusedTEAM_0:0:83179864

Current global rank and hours this season: Global Rank: #529
                                                           Hours: 81

Age: 18

Time zone: East Coast

Server(s) you most play on: Bhop and Minigames

Why you deserve to be an admin: The reason why I deserve admin is because I am usually on during the morning or the day and not many admins are on. I am never really a pain to anyone. When ever i am usually on people just mic spam or say things that will get them banned. I have recently been an admin on another server which was a Bhop Server (the server shut down). With me being an admin i will be able to make this community less toxic.

Have you been server banned before (do not lie): Never been banned before.

Have you been admin before (if so, why was it removed?): I have never been admin before.

Have you read and understood the rules? Yes I have read and understood all of the rules.
Bump. Anyone who plays BHOP and Minigames, please try to give Wi9c some feedback.
Since nobody is giving you a feedback, I'll go ahead and give you mine. I didn't played with you enough to give you a basic rep but from what I've seen, the one or two times I played with you on the minigame server, you look to be a very nice guy and mature. Maybe you should try to re-apply when you get more hours on the server so people can see what you are able to. Keep playing on the server while helping and you'll get a pretty good chance to have what you. You are in the good direction!
Sorry I haven't seen you around to give you a rep but anyways before you apply for your next app, make sure some admins know you so more people can rep you on your next application. Anyways Good Luck!
Although I Have seen you around i don't think you have helped me out, and I don't see you enforcing rules. Try and make yourself more known. That said i have never had an issue with you so i am going to stay neutral.
Good luck man Angel  Blush  Smile  Undecided  Sleepy  idea  Wink  Cool  Big Grin  Sad  banana shoot  Shy  Rolleyes
I've personally never had an issue with you, but I wish you would get yourself more known as it seems not alot of people have played wuth you. Good luck and I wish you the best mate.
You are one of those players that we see but you just play, you don't cause trouble and you don't try to alert us in admin chat or something helpful. You just play to play. You also don't type in chat much at or or use your mic.

Idk where festive got the you don't talk part but +1 You are a great player on bhop, you have a good attitude, just a nice fit for admin imo
Thanks for giving me feedback. i'll make sure to make my voice be heard
You didn't seem like a bad guy to play with and you seemed like you knew your rules on Bhop. I'll keep an eye out for you throughout the week.
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