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Full Version: CS:GO Competitive Tournament
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Swoobles! 5v5 Competitive Tournament

Swoobles will be hosting a competitive tournament. Premade teams are strongly encouraged, however single participants will be allowed to enter as well. They will be placed on a team with other players who entered the tournament alone. As a result of this, if there are not enough solo entries you may be placed a substitute. In order to enter, you must have 45 global hours on Swoobles to prevent entries from non-Swoobles players. Any forms of cheating (as well as griefing, throwing, and ghosting) will result in immediate disqualification for your entire team and punishment according to the Swoobles rules. Private Teamspeak channels will be provided to the two competing teams if requested.
This tournament will be a double elimination (meaning there is a loser’s bracket). Every game will be a best of one, aside from the loser’s bracket final, semi-final, and the final games. These three matches will be a best of three. This can be seen in this example bracket (this is just an example of how this bracket will look, there is no set number of teams).

The deadline for entering your premade team is March 5th, while all solo entries must be submitted by March 1st. However, the tournament will not start until after this time.

If entering as a premade, follow this format in a reply to this post:
Team name:
Captain name:
Captain’s Swoobles database page:
Player 2 name:
Player 2 Swoobles database page:
Player 3 name:
Player 3 Swoobles database page:
Player 4 name:
Player 4 Swoobles database page:
Player 5 name:
Player 5 Swoobles database page:
If entering solo, follow this format in a reply to this post:
Steam name:
Swoobles database page:
Competitive rank:

***Please understand that by entering solo, you may end up as a substitute or not play at all!***


(skin prizes given to each player provided entirely by Woodeyhh - be sure to thank him!)
Winning team:
Desert Eagle | Blaze (Factory New) funded by Woodeyhh
10,000 Swoobles points per player (50k in total)

2nd place:
USP-S | Kill Confirmed (Field-Tested) funded by Woodeyhh
5,000 Swoobles points per player (25k in total)

3rd place:
AK-47 | Red Laminate (Field-Tested) funded by Woodeyhh
3,000 Swoobles points per player (15k in total)

4th/5th place:
1,000 Swoobles points per player (5k per team)

AWP | Lightning Strike (Factory New) funded by Woodeyhh will go to the top fragger of the winning team during the finals (total frags out of all three games)

Please keep all responses to this thread as entries for the tournament. For questions regarding the tournament, see this thread.

We are still looking for players to stream and/or cast the tournament. Level 3 admins who are willing to watch the tournament games for cheaters will also be necessary. Please PM Nic on Steam if you are interested in either of these tasks.
Thank you Woodeyhh for providing the skin prizes to this tournament! Thank you as well to Pavlo, m0nster, and TrippiN for helping organize the tournament, and ArmyJackz for helping create this post.

Captain name: m0nster
Captain’s Swoobles database page:

2 name: ofTen
Player 2 Swoobles database page:

3 name: nam
Player 3 Swoobles database page:

4 name: 『  』(people call him boxie)
Player 4 Swoobles database page:

5 name: Rural Lobster
Player 5 Swoobles database page:

1 - Platinum Badger
Swoobles Database -

Prostitute 2 - RJ
Swoobles Database -

Sum 3 - Ninja
Swoobles Datebase https://swoobles.com/player-database/39666-z-ninja
Team name: The Fuckboys

Captain name: Pavlo
Captain’s Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/158708-pavlo

Player 2 name: Welly
Player 2 Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/419611-welly2k

Player 3 name: Festive
Player 3 Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/208348-festive

Player 4 name: Lucky(Spray)
Player 4 Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/364347-lucky-spray

Player 5 name: Burgler
Player 5 Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/290985-da-burgler

Substitute name:  KyLe
Substitute Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/142808-kyle
sTEAM nAME: i o d i n e
sWOOBLES dATABASE: https://swoobles.com/player-database/195656-iodine
Competitive rANK: GOLD NOVA 2
Steam Name: Atrox AG

Swoobles Database: https://swoobles.com/player-database/470674-atrox-games
Team name: 4 Admins and the other one.
Captain name: Jiggly
Captain’s Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/228702-jigglypuff
Player 2 name: BigWet
Player 2 Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/107636-big-wet
Player 3 name: Greene
Player 3 Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/55552-greenguh
Player 4 name: AtAznPro
Player 4 Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/238...0-bh0p-l0l
Player 5 name: Chris
Player 5 Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/304074-chris
Steam Name: Fishy_Guy
Swoobles Database Page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/270745-fishy_guy
Team name: Inactivists
Captain name: RaiD
Captain’s Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/27584-raid
Player 2 haywyrE
Player 2 Database: https://swoobles.com/player-database/228...pt.grandpa
Player 3 name: Stunami
Player 3 Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/189154-stunami
Player 4 name: Wizard
Player 4 Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/145708-wizard
Player 5 name: Gymassassin
Player 5 Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/271859-gymassassin
Steam name: Geo
Swoobles database page: https://swoobles.com/player-database/215539-geo
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