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Full Version: How to Cancel a Monthly Payment on Paypal. (Donating, ESEA, etc)
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Since none of y'all know how, ill post a easy tutorial on how to do it.

1.Log Into Paypal

2. Click on the Gear icon (settings)

[Image: YNYIPko.jpg]

3. Click On Preapproved Payments on the Bottom Right

[Image: RdnVaWR.jpg9.jpg]

4. Click on the payment you want to end.

[Image: Hr86dhB.jpg]

5. Click Cancel

[Image: QJrbP5l.jpg]

that should clear a few things up for some of you who didnt know how to do that
Thanks for this hype :> I've seen quite a few people answer someones question about this already.
Hype is bae for making quality tutorials all over da pwace