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Full Version: Admin Commands NEW ADMINS COME HERE!
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CSGO Swoobles Jailbreak Admin Commands

Basic Command Info
Most commands will work like /<command> <target> in chat. Make sure to remove ALL the <>'s when using commands.
Ex. /slap hlstriker
Now with that said to use the command on Teams, Yourself, Everyone, Or Everyone But You. You can use the @ command.

How Do I Use The @ Command?

To use this command you simply replace the target with @me,@all,@t,@ct etc.
@me - Targets only yourself
@all - Targets everyone
@t - Targets only t team
@ct - Targets only ct team
@dead - Targets dead players only
@alive - Targets all alive players

Targeting Everyone BUT The Target

Follow your regular @ commands with an !. For Example:
@!me - Everyone But You
@!ct - Everyone but ct
@!t - Everyone but t

What Commands Can I Use At Different Levels?
See this thread for the most up to date commands. Admin Commands
Starting off you will have access to the following main commands:

Junior Admins: sm_chat, sm_beacon, sm_respawn, sm_1up, sm_slap, sm_slay, sm_gag, sm_mute, sm_silence, sm_ungag, sm_unmute, sm_unsilence, sm_say, sm_csay, sm_hsay, sm_tsay.

Senior Admins: Everything above, and sm_kick, sm_freeze, sm_ctban, sm_gravity, teamswitch, teamswitch_death, teamswitch_roundend, sm_timed_gag, sm_timed_mute, sm_timed_silence, sm_timed_ungag, sm_timed_unmute, sm_timed_unsilence.

Reputable Admins: Everything above, and sm_addban, sm_ban, teleport, sm_abortlr.

Lead Admins: Everything above, and sm_banip, sm_unban, sm_map, sm_noclip.

What Are All The Commands And How Do I Use Them?

*****Commands In Red Will Be Used The Most*****
-/slay <target> (Kills The Target)
-/slap <Target> <Damage> (Will slap the target, moving them)
-/kick <Target> <Reason> (Will remove The Target from server) *Warning Resets Mutes/Gags unless timed*
-/ban *LEVEL REPUTABLE ADMINS ONLY* <Target> <Time> <Reason> (Removes player from all servers. Denies access to servers for a set time in minutes.)
-/gag/ungag <target> (Will restrict a players chat)
-/mute/unmute <target> (Restricts voice communication)
-/silence/unslilence <target> (Gags and Mutes player)
-/timed_gag/timed_ungag <target> <duration> (Will restrict a players chat for a set amount of time)
-/timed_mute/timed_unmute <target> <duration> (Restricts voice communication for a set amount of time)
-/timed_silence/timed_unslilence <target> (Gags and Mutes player for a set amount of time)
-/beacon <target> (Will create a noise and a follow a player with a ring of light. Used for camping. See server specific rules)
-/ctban <Target> <duration> (Denies access of CT to a player for a set time.)
-/Respawn <target> (Will respawn a target at spawn location i.e. Cells)
-/1up <target> (Respawns a target at their DEATH location) **USE FOR FREEKILL RESPAWNS**
-/abortlr (Stops current LR)
-/teamswitch <target> (Switches player from their current team to the other) (Ex. You are on t /teamswitch @me you will join CT).

Thanks for reading this post i hope you enjoy being an admin and have learned all the commands.