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Full Version: Scamming Awareness
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Hello Ladies and gentlemen I am here to explain some of the most common scam attempts among the scum of the steam community. I have decided to make this post because in the past 2 weeks I have had 3 scam attempts stowed upon me, luckily I was smart enough to know about these scam attempts and want to inform you about these scam attempts.
**I will be ranking the scam attempts based on how common and how easy it is to avoid and how convincing it can be. I will also be displaying each scam attempt like this
Swoobles is not responsible for any scams or scamming attempts you fell for we will only ban the people involved not save your items.

What Kind: (Steam, Paypal, ETC)
How It Works:
How To Avoid:
Other Info:

Easy Scams
These scam are easy to avoid and are very common.
1. Steam "Wallet Scam"
What Kind: Trade Offer
[Image: 3f77f4deb0.png]
How It Works: The user will write a convincing little message in the steam trade offer message and will say you will receive some steam wallet after you accept the trade.
Other Info: Accepting this trade will grant you with NO steam wallet DO NOT accept these trades.

2. Phishing Links
What Kind: Other Websites
[Image: 221cbab485.jpg]
How It Works: User will ask you to add their friend or check out their trade and send you to a fake link with one or two letters missing.
How To Avoid: Dont click on links that require a log-in from new users (puush/gyazo are okay.)
Other Info: If you happen to log in to one by accident IMMEDIATELY change your password.

3. PayPal Scam
What Kind: Paypal
[Image: 0d6246014d.png]
How It Works: A person will ask you to buy them an item on steam if they send you money over PayPal. After you buy them the item on steam and give it to them, that person will open a case with PayPal saying it was an unauthorized payment. PayPal will give them their money back and the innocent person loses the money the steam item was worth + a $20 PayPal fee.
How To Avoid: Never buy an item on steam with another persons money.
Other Info: This is probably the worst possible scam to be scammed by as you will lose a lot of real money. A lot of times the person will even say you can keep the rest of the money, but don't let this tempt you!

Medium Scams
1."Buy Me This Item Scam"
What Kind: Steam Market
[Image: 16c361a6f8.jpg] Sorry for Reddit pic couldn't get a normal one.
How It Works: They will ask for an item of say they are selling an item usually a Dota 2 season one finals pass and say hey its worth 150 dollars while their friend has one up for 150 dollars on the market but in reality Dota 2 is on season like 4 and you just got a ticket worth nothing for a knife.
How To Avoid: Don't buy items you have 0 knowledge about also do not rely on the selling prices make sure you look at the previous sold prices.
Other Info: N/A

Hard Scams
1.Impersonating Friends
What Kind: Steam
[Image: HrjJh.jpg]
How It Works: They will ask a friend to hold the items in trade then add that friend and change their picture and name to yours removing you as a friend and telling your friend to give it back as you and your friend will usually give it back without knowing he gave it to the wrong person.
How To Avoid: you are gonna go down this road there is a couple things you can do to avoid these trades:
1) Make a code word before trade to send to the friend like "Fuck you pizza bitch" (Something Absurd.)
2) Get on Skype and ask before you make the trade to make sure its you guys.
Other Info: N/A
1.Impersonating Middlemen
What Kind: Steam/SteamRep.com
[Image: edc1e1326b.png]
How It Works: People will ask for a middlemen to be involved in a trade they will get their friend to impersonate a Steamrep.com trusted middleman and then ask you to give the middleman the item and they walk away with you're item.
How To Avoid: Check the steamid/steamid64 of the middleman the trader has recommenced to the ones on this list here
Other Info: If you dont see the middleman on the list cut communications with the trader.

A.K.A Al Capone
I hope you guys learned something from my post and can further your knowledge of the scams going on now.
Go to https://steamrep.com/ to recieve updates on the scams that are going on currently.
I hope you guys like my present to the community :D.

EDIT: Some scammers are using this [Image: 9975f21334.png] as their new phishing link again make sure you carefully check EVERY link.
I will attempt to edit this thread as much as possible.