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Full Version: [POSTED 2019-08-24] WE GO AGANE
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Steam Name:
Current Steam ID :
Global rank and total hours played:  
Global Rank #686 | Time Played 325.97 hours
Time zone:
Swoobles Server(s) you most play on:
Course and KZ
What qualifies you for admin on our servers, and what can you bring to the table?:
I feel like I've become less toxic than I used to be. I feel like my rule knowledge is a lot better now. I want to try to help the community to become better and more friendly.
Have you been server banned before on Swoobles? (If yes, why? What have you done to change?):
Have you been admin before on Swoobles? (if so, why was it removed?):
Link to previous application(s) (all of them!):

Have you read and understood the rules?

very toxic player and i don’t see you getting less toxic i see you getting more toxic and I don’t see you ever trying to help the community
neutral i see improvement but still a bit toxic

I know I haven't played in about a week but the amount of times I, or another admin, has had to mute you for being toxic, racist, or for micspamming shows why I don't believe you're ready for admin. There was a point in time where you said you were reformed and wouldn't be like that anymore, and it was pleasant for the short amount of time that it lasted. However, it quickly slipped back on the grounds of "f*** that sh*t" and "I can't not be toxic around *certain players*." 

I will be starting to play again today and so if I see your behavior flip like a light switch somehow, I may consider changing my rep. However, it seems that you are capable of being a positive influence on the server, but you struggle with staying like that for more than a week. 

Good luck!

I don't even play often but almost every single time I am on I have to mute or gag you. Clearly you don't care about the rules seen as you've been playing long enough to know them... You also seem to try and evade your punishments by hopping on your alt, kinda stupid if you ask me.

Good luck
  ~ Cheeky

Sorry, but you did not meet the requirements for admin this time around. Please reflect on the feedback that was given to you, and better luck next time.

You may reapply on Monday October 14, 2019