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Full Version: [POSTED 2019-08-07] vibezz lvl 2 app
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Steam Name: vibezz

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:433637424 

Current level and desired level: 1 ----> 2 

Server(s) you most play on: jb course pug 

Why you deserve to be promoted: I think I deserve to be promoted due to the fact that I am active, try to explain the servers to new players, know my commands when to use them. Throughout my time playing I find my self in many scenarios in which a level 2 is needed, so I believe if I was level 2 I would be able to help out on the servers alot more than how much I can help normally 

Link to previous application(s) (all of them!):

You're a friend of mine. that definitely wasnt true a year ago, you've improved a lot but i don't think you're mature enough to handle tp's. still love you

0 effort was put into this app at all there are hardly any other colored letters   (joke btw)

Yeet or vibezz whatever, you and i are friends but to be honest imo you arnt mature enough to be lvl 2 but overall have improved so much since getting admin. Idk maybe its some of the jokes you make that make you seem more toxic but to me you are pretty toxic still so if you improve on that id say you'd be good

As always good luck and i wish you the best  Smile
+0 this guy has proven me wrong many times, If he could get level 1 he could prob get level 2
Good Luck

I don't see you as someone who promotes positive behavior and is mature enough to handle level two. 
A recommendation I have is to back down on the bragging about your burdenous behaviors, past or present. I also would like to see you condemning other players for their behaviors instead of joking about it/encouraging it. 
While I have heard about your improvement from the past, which I think is great, I feel that there is some more work to do before promotion. 

Good luck!
neutral i think he could handle level 2 but has been inactive for a while(if not inactive, i just never see him then)

No way i would trust you with timed commands, you are basically part of Havoks retard squad and that is not a good thing, leave that squad and be a better person xD...

(this is definitely a meme app because i remember hearing you say that you didnt even try/want admin when you got it so i see no reason why you would wanna be level 2)
Played with him for while today and he seems like a really cool dude. I think
he has changed and would make a great level 2.
-1 your behavior lately has been nothing but immature, on pug yesterday you were bragging about being toxic and trying to trigger other admins. Your actions make it seem as if your role as admin is just for fun and a title you hold.
There isn’t much point in beating a dead horse, but I agree with what everyone above is saying about being too toxic to handle level 2. You just need to distance yourself from burdens and burden-like behavior. I believe that anyone can become reformed, so don’t give up hope!

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