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Full Version: [POSTED 2019-07-29] AyantwanGG’s LVL 2 App
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Steam Name: AyantwanGG.TTV

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:77985794

Current level and desired level: 1 ——> 2

Server(s) you most play on: Course

Why you deserve to be promoted: I believe that I deserve to be promoted because my knowledge and understanding of the rules has drastically increased since I first began as a level 1 admin. I believe that I’ve become proficient with the level 1 commands, and having access to level 2 commands would only improve my efficiency and effectiveness on the servers. Since I’m on all the time, everyone knows me, and it’s rather easy to defuse toxic situations in the server and dish out the proper punishments to those who fail to follow the rules. Last but not least, I’m still kind and helpful to all those on Swoobles, newbies and veterans alike, and create an environment in which everyone is able to enjoy playing on the server!

Link to previous application(s) (all of them!):

LVL 1 Application (Accepted)
+0 great dude, one of the best levels 1's there is. Would make a great level 2.

Model lvl 1 admin always likes to help out new players and enforces rules. An overall good guy and could definitely see him being a good lvl 2.
Good luck!
+0 great admin and knows how to use his admin abilities when needed

Great lvl 1 admin, very mature and friendly, willing to help new players and handles admin situations very well, can definitely handle being a lvl 2 admin.

~Good Luck!
an amazing guy, hes completely ready for the promotion, all this guy does is be friendly and helps. if anyone deserves a promotion its this guy, hes a great inspiration to the server and he puts a lot of enjoyment to the server, he has no doubt used level 1 properly and deserves level 2 100%. gl ayant.
Ayan is probably one of the nice's guys out there. He is definitely one of if not the best level
1(not saying the rest aren't good). He is 100% ready for level 2 in my option.
Good Luck my friend!
. I havent had much play time with you, so I would feel wrong repping. But I have seen your activity in the discord, and seeing you communicating with other admins and players often, and you are very nice. Good luck!

Gets along with everybody, always happy and is never condescending. Enforced rules and uses commands in a fair way. I think you would handle timed punishments really good. 
Good luck !

Ayantwan is one of the nicest guys on the server and has been a great lvl1 admin. He can most definitely handle being a Lvl2 and I am very confident he would make an outstanding lvl2 admin. Good luck, brother.
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